Zedd Launches #GoodThingChallenge With $10,000 Donation To Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Zedd dropped his new song with Kehlani, “Good Thing,” almost three weeks ago. Now, he’s officially kicking off the #GoodThingChallenge. The concept behind it is simple: do something good for somebody else.

Such a thing really shouldn’t be considered a “challenge,” but in this chaotic world, the more we can do to ease the suffering and improve the lives of those around us, the better, challenge or not.

To start, Zedd donated $10,000 to a a Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation and nominated Ninja, Jared Leto, and David Dobrik to join in and make some positive contribution.

As an added bonus, if you do something good and post about it, you can win a trip (with a friend) to see Zedd perform in Berlin by posting it in his Discord server here. So get going and do good!


Photo via Rukes.com