REPORT: "Baby Shark" Attributes To Korean Family's $125 Million Fortune

REPORT: “Baby Shark” Attributes To Korean Family’s $125 Million Fortune

“Baby Shark” is one of the most viral songs of all time, racking up nearly 4 billion plays on YouTube since 2016 and making the family who posted it millions in the process.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, “Baby Shark,” released by children’s educational brand Pinkfong, has largely attributed to one Korean family’s net worth of approximately $125 million.

Kim Min-seok and the Kim family collectively own own 63% of Samsung Publishing and 21% of SmartStudy. Plus, Kim own a direct 23% stake in the startup which broke “Baby Shark” into the mainstream.

The infectious singalong charted in several countries including the US and the UK, was remixed in epic fashion by Jauz, and infiltrated nearly every part of modern pop culture. It even played out during the World Series and served as an anthem during the Lebanon protests.

To this day, the song about a family of sharks is still impossible to resist. Listen here.

Baby Shark by Pinkfong

Baby Shark (Jauz Remix)


Source: Bloomberg

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Grabbitz Digs Up My Chemical Romance Cover From When He Was 12 & It’s So Adorable

With the news of My Chemical Romance and Rage Against The Machine both reuniting in the span of just 24 hours, emotions are running high right now. Between the emo and punk crowds, 2020 is looking strong already. For Grabbitz, it was an opportunity to dig up a real gem from nearly 15 years ago.

Back in 2005, “Helena” from My Chemical Romance was their huge single, and young Grabbitz, aged just 12 years old, recorded a beautiful cover of it.

It’s a wonder that he even still has it, going on 14 years later. But you can already tell that he was destined for his current career. Check out this incredibly adorable and wildly good cover of “Helena” below! Find his current music on Spotify here.

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After 153 Days, This Fan Finally Got To Chug A Bottle Of Water With Rezz

Hydration at shows is of paramount importance, and who knows this better than Nick Ochoa… who’s Nick Ochoa, you might ask? He’s the fan that has chugged a bottle of water every day for 153 days straight for the opportunity to chug a bottle on stage with his favorite artist, Rezz.

Rezz routinely asks her fans to chug water with her on Twitter, so Ochoa took it upon himself to make it a challenge: “Chugging a bottle of water until Rezz notices and agrees to chug a bottle of water with me.”

It didn’t take long, only six days, for Rezz to notice that he’d been chugging.

However, it took another 147 days from then for the two to actually come together and chug a bottle on stage. And while this may seem like a truly innocuous event, for fans of Rezz and those in her Cult, this was the culmination of a months-long affair with a brilliant ending.

See the wholesome moment below, and catch Rezz on her Beyond The Senses tour here.

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Flume Talks About His New Live Show Freedom & Being Called EDM

One of the biggest comebacks this year — if you can even call it that — is Flume. He resurrected his sound with Hi This Is Flume earlier this year, followed by an EP with Reo Cragun and a fantastic new single, “Rushing Back,” with Vera Blue. He’s also back on the live tour circuit, touching down at Red Rocks, Lollapalooza, and more. If there’s one thing to be happy about this year, it’s him.

The Australian artist recently sat down with Mixmag to talk about his live show, his influences, and the future. Throughout the conversation, they touch on his visuals from Jonathan Zawada, who produced most of the Hi This Is Flume mixtape visualizer, as well as what it might be like if an artist played exactly to what the Spotify algorithm favors most… just as an experiment. If anyone could manipulate sound design to that degree, it would certainly be Flume.

He also talks about the newfound freedom his live show affords him, mentioning that he’d grown tired of “just playing the same songs, standing there, the same moments.”

“I got sick of seeing electronic music artists just standing in one position the entire show twiddling knobs, pressing buttons. I kind of just thought, how about I just go and be entertaining and have some fun up there. I don’t try and pretend I can play every single element of every single song because these are really complicated pieces of music and if

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san holo

Why Does EDM Twitter Have (%) In Their Names? San Holo’s % Blessed Explained

It all started back at EDC Las Vegas this past year when San Holo told the crowd to stay vibrant… it was at that point that his fans decided to take it upon themselves and make “vibrant” a thing, but San Holo has now taken it so much further and incorporated it as part of his branding.

Earlier this month, a full stay vibrant page appeared on his website, explaining the ethos behind the phrase and what it means to him and to fans.

It all started with me searching for a word to express a certain feeling.
A feeling that hit me while being surrounded by great energy. The only word that came close to describing this feeling was ‘vibrant’.
For some reason, it captured almost everything I wanted to say and it stuck with me.
Staying vibrant became a part of my mindset.
Of course, not all days are equally vibrant… Embracing the fact that life is all about ups and downs is very important.
Telling people how you feel is not always easy. When I try to express what I really feel, words rarely seem to capture the essence. Most feelings are so much bigger than words could ever describe. Using the percentage % seems like the perfect way to express how I feel without putting it into words.
People have been asking a lot of questions about ‘stay vibrant’, so I put together a little FAQ. I hope this helps you to stay vibrant and keep

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uber lyft pickup lax

LAX Creates Nightmare For Commuters As Lyft/Uber Banned From Curbside Pickup

For years, travelers to Los Angeles via its major international airport LAX could count on getting picked up by ride share services like Lyft and Uber. Ever after the airport made the switch to only allow pickups at the departures level at specific points, it was rarely a hassle except on horrible traffic days. Now, today as of 3 a.m. PST, ride shares are banned from curbside pickup and must go to a separate pick up location. Though the terminal traffic has now been cleared up considerable, from a customer perspective, it was chaos.

LA Times’ Laura Nelson was there in person to scope everything out and assess the growing pains for commuters who just wanted to go home… Read Nelson’s full story on the Times here.

Of course, it should be kept in mind that this is just the first day and the rides will likely smooth out over time. But still, a transition of this magnitude shouldn’t be causing this much friction right from the get go, either.

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dillon francis deadmau5

Deadmau5 & Dillon Francis Jump On Stage Together for Dance-Off To “Dancing Queen”

It always pays to start off your Monday morning on the right foot, and thankfully, Dillon Francis and Deadmau5 have us covered.

This past weekend at Escape: Pyscho Circus in Southern California, during Dillon’s main stage set, Deadmau5 hopped on stage to surprise him while he was playing ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” The surprise from Dillon is perfectly genuine, but it’s what happens next that really warms our hearts.

Deadmau5 is the first one to jump on stage and goad Dilllon to jump up with him. Mau5 does a cute little dance and Dillon joins right along.

Check out the adorable video below for the perfect start to the week.

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Griztronics Just Reached Peak Dubstep With This Epic Edit From Bassnectar

Griztronics Just Reached Peak Dubstep With This Epic Edit From Bassnectar

“Griztronics” has already lived its life five times over for any dubstep track, enjoying intensely viral success not just within our own community, but even on social media platforms like TikTok. Now, however, it has finally reached its peak since Bassnectar got his hands on it and made this absolutely should-be-illegal edit.

The video below was captured at Suwanee Hulaween last night as Bassnectar unleashed a horribly evil edit of Griz & Subtronics “Griztronics” mixed with Oski’s “Fuccapop.” The result is a bass-filled experience that takes both originals to new heights.

Check out the wild edit below! Fingers crossed “Griztronics” might get an actual official remix from the legend.

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Mersiv Issues Response After Satanism Tweet Goes Viral

Toward the end of the weekend, a seemingly innocuous tweet — at least by its owner’s standards — sent much of the bass music world, and those working in branding, into an absolute tizzy. Of course, I’m talking about Mersiv’s tweet about satanism.

The tweet garnered responses from plenty of contemporaries, like SVDDEN DEATH, HVDES, Dubloadz, and others. The general response was, “F*ck you, we can do what we want.”

Obviously, the tweet gained more notice than Mersiv sound ever expected. Yesterday, he admitted as much in a response on Twitter. “I never realized how large my platform has grown and I’m amazed with all of the interaction there was and how many conversations have been started.”

He continued, “When it’s all said and done I never meant to offend anyone with my tweet… I love dark shit and I should have provided more context in my tweet and I’m sorry for the backhanded statement that it was.”

SVDDEN DEATH also responded to the response, echoing his desire for Mersiv to have expanded on his original thoughts. But it appears Mersiv was distracted on tour, so that wasn’t really an option at the time. You can read his response below.


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AHZ releases new single "It's Alive" alongside a can't miss Music Video!

AHZ releases new single “It’s Alive” alongside a can’t miss Music Video!

It’s no secret that October is a month of excitement. Fall is in the air, pumpkin and apple patches are abuzz, and Halloween is most certainly on its way. And while we all look forward to finding the perfect costume to trot out at the craziest parties of the year– we also look forward to a veer in the tone of the music that’s hitting the airwaves. A slightly darker, haunting sound that echoes the change of seasons. And if one track illuminates this vibe to the tee it is the newest single from Brody Jenner’s new band AHZ.

“It’s Alive” released on Friday with a music video that is sure to deliciously delight their fans! The track, which boasts scintillating vocals from lead singer Adam O’Rourke, is truly a journey of sound from top to bottom. It opens with a tantalizing, mysterious melody that quickly ramps up to an epic bass laden drop! Its combination of bolstered bass, distorted and interwoven glitch bites, and masterfully composed hit back to the melody create something that has never been done before. Utilizing their full range of instruments, the track brings in many elements of punk rock, like it’s unrivaled use of rippin’ drums, to set the song apart from anything happening in the Bass scene right now.

The music video uses all of these amazing elements, and seamlessly syncs up to a brilliantly mastered animated video that truly does bring the whole project to life! Created by Colin Lepper, the

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deadmau5 martin garrix

WATCH: Deadmau5 & Diplo Feature On David Spade’s New Talk Show

David Spade has a new show on Comedy Central called Lights Out, but one thing they’ve been missing is a house band. In the latest episode, Spade shifts his focus from a band to a DJ, and calls upon the talents of deadmau5 to audition for the part.

Spade really hit his stride in comedy long, long ago, and this segment is a particularly strong highlight of that fact. Still, mau5 goes along for the ride while Spade hurls backhanded compliments at him and does his best to stick it out until the end. Though, of course, by the end, he’s had enough and says, “Fuck this. I’m gonna go shit in his hat.”

On another far more recent episode, Diplo was an actual guest on the show when Whitney Cummings pointed out that he and Spade were like a before and after of each other. Thomas Lennon then looks at them both and asks, “Um… working out [motioning toward Diplo]? Or crack [motioning toward Spade]?”


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