Nina Kraviz Responds to Accusations of Racism for Wearing Cornrows

Nina Kraviz Responds to Accusations of Racism for Wearing Cornrows

Nina Kraviz found herself in hot water after sharing a photo of herself sporting her hair in cornrows. Despite showing off a new look before a then-upcoming show, Kraviz was met with accusations of being a racist and committing cultural appropriation for wearing cornrows. She has since responded to the backlash in a series of tweets, some deleted, others not.

After sharing her new hair style on Twitter to hype up her performance in Miami’s Club Space, Nina Kraviz was met with various critical tweets accusing her of cultural appropriation. Some called for her to remove her cornrows, others called her a flat out racist, and some have even called for her to be “cancelled.” The recent critics also expanded their backlash to include the title of her track “Ghetto Kraviz,” a track released in 2011. Despite its possible link to the “ghetto house” sub-genre, many are citing this as further proof of cultural appropriation.

In response, Kraviz has cited that cornrows have been found in other cultures besides African culture, which is an all-too-common defense in situations like these that ignores the actual issues at hand. In her post, she mentions that cornrows have been worn by Native American, Asian, and European cultures.

Kraviz also pushed back to the backlash of her “Ghetto Kraviz” song title by referring

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Fisher Under Fire for Distasteful Video Exploiting Female "Cleaning Crew" Workers [WATCH]

Fisher Under Fire for Distasteful Video Exploiting Female “Cleaning Crew” Workers [WATCH]

Fisher is getting some serious heat for a video he uploaded to social media poking fun at venue staff…

In the video, he zoomed in directly on the behinds of a female “cleaning crew” as they went about their business, shutting down their venue for the night. It’s unclear whether these women consented to being displayed in the video, but that certainly doesn’t appear to be the case.

“ANY CUNT ORDER A T BONE CLEANING SERVICE,” the DJ/producer captioned the tweet. He also added in his signature hashtags, “#youlittlebeauty #yakidding #wefknloveit.”

Fisher is known for his outlandish humor and over-the-top laughter, but there’s obviously a fine line and he crossed it, according to the many music fans sounding off. His tone comes across as disrespectful and demeaning — and fair warning, it’s extremely cringey to watch.

See the footage below and read just some of the comments via Twitter. The original tweet has since been deleted.

Fisher Records Cleaning Crew

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Mersiv Issues Response After Satanism Tweet Goes Viral

Toward the end of the weekend, a seemingly innocuous tweet — at least by its owner’s standards — sent much of the bass music world, and those working in branding, into an absolute tizzy. Of course, I’m talking about Mersiv’s tweet about satanism.

The tweet garnered responses from plenty of contemporaries, like SVDDEN DEATH, HVDES, Dubloadz, and others. The general response was, “F*ck you, we can do what we want.”

Obviously, the tweet gained more notice than Mersiv sound ever expected. Yesterday, he admitted as much in a response on Twitter. “I never realized how large my platform has grown and I’m amazed with all of the interaction there was and how many conversations have been started.”

He continued, “When it’s all said and done I never meant to offend anyone with my tweet… I love dark shit and I should have provided more context in my tweet and I’m sorry for the backhanded statement that it was.”

SVDDEN DEATH also responded to the response, echoing his desire for Mersiv to have expanded on his original thoughts. But it appears Mersiv was distracted on tour, so that wasn’t really an option at the time. You can read his response below.


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Zedd & PewDiePie Bond Over Getting Banned In China

Zedd & PewDiePie Bond Over Getting Banned In China

It’s crazy how social media can bring people together — and for the most random reasons. Even the unlikely pairing of Zedd and PewDiePie have bonded over getting banned in China.

The controversial YouTube star known as PewDiePie took to Twitter to vent his frustrations about getting banned in China due to a bizarre copyright situation. That was explained in his new video upload here.

Zedd recently went through a similar situation as well — you know, getting banned from China. All because he liked a South Park tweet.

Zedd soon hit PewDiePie back, welcoming him to the club. PewDiePie also referenced Zedd in this video. We’re not saying they’re best friends or anything — but the internet is weird.

See the exchange below.


Source: Metro UK | Photo via

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San Holo Trolls DJ Mag 100 Top DJs In Hilarious Video [WATCH]

San Holo Trolls DJ Mag 100 Top DJs In Hilarious Video [WATCH]

San Holo is really torn up over this DJ Mag 100 Top DJs thing…

Just kidding, he’s actually not.

In the video below, the producer takes to Twitter to share his feelings about the annual list, which officially announced over the weekend. “I’m sorry for failing you guys,” he jokes.

Unfortunately, San Holo didn’t make the list this year, but there are no actual hard feelings. His video simply trolls the entire ranking process and he has a point. Although, the DJ/producer does deserve some sort of acting award, because his performance is top notch.

The moral of the story here is that there’s no way to really rank an artist — and no need to. Art is subjective and should speak for itself. A DJ/producer doesn’t gain any real value from making a list, except maybe bragging rights and a higher paycheck.

We definitely feel him on this — but we’re still suckers for a good list. What do you think?


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diplo gradient

The Celebrity Lookalike App Everyone Is Posting

Everyone remember the instantly viral FaceApp from three months ago that let you edit anyone’s face through an AI algorithm to appear much older? It was a flash in the pan success, though the app’s pro tier does have some nifty editing tools, but a flash in the pan nonetheless. Now, a new app called ‘Gradient Photo Editor‘ is receiving the same sort of instant viral attention and proving that you don’t even have to be even remotely correct to become a viral meme success.

Like any viral app, it starts with a bit of underground guerrilla marketing from influencers until it spreads and spreads until, inevitably, you get Diplo posting about your product.

The celebrity gradient isn’t the only feature the app offers. But, like FaceApp and it’s oldifying algorithm, it’s the one that’s attracting the most users at the moment.

‘Gradient Photo Editor’ is currently available for both iOS and Android. Search for it in the Play Store or App Store. Note: the app is $20 per month, but offers a free trial for 3 days. A credit card is required to install. Be sure that when you’re done with your fun you remember to unsubscribe so you don’t get hit with a charge later on.

Here are some EDM DJs below, taken from my own selfie collection.


Dimitri Vegas

San Holo

Dillon Francis

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