Getter Drops New Song As Terror Reid, “When It’s All Gone”

It’s been nearly half a year since we last year Terror Reid, but the hip hop alias for Getter is back today with another addictive single, “When It’s All Gone.”

Of all other DJ aliases or side projects, Terror Reid is consistently in the upper echelon. There’s no doubt in my mind that if Getter hadn’t made it as a DJ, he would have had a prosperous career as a rapper. On “When It’s All Gone,” he spits the same easy, free-flowing bars as always on top of a beat of his own creation, giving himself that 360 degree control over the end product — and it shows.

Check out “When It’s All Gone” below.

Terror Reid – When It’s All Gone [Lyrics]

(Goes like this, goes like that)
(And it goes like that)
Uh (and it goes like that)
Check it out
So check it out (yo)

[Verse 1]
So check it out, I’m finna tell you what I’m all about
Your time’s running out, so don’t make me spell it out
You fuck with Reid and that’s a doubt
I’ll pull up in your town and blast your teeth straight up out your mouth
With a magnum
My style stay platinum
Skins, you lack ’em, hoes know, go ask one
Colder than a sickle, got ladies rubbin’ they nipples, pretty simple
Fuck around and get crippled
‘Cause first thing’s first, bitch I’m the boss
Chew you like floss
Leave your face without a bottom jaw

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The Story of Your Paradise As Told By Festival Founders Ignacio Garcia and Hadi J

The Story of Your Paradise As Told By Festival Founders Ignacio Garcia and Hadi J

Over the past six years, Your Paradise Fiji has earned a reputation for being one of the most intimate destination festivals in the world. Known for giving fans of dance music an unrivaled intimate festival experience with their favorite artists on a remote island in Fiji, the festival returns this year with A-Trak, Gorgon City, Getter’s hip-hop alter ego Terror Reid, What So Not, Cosmo’s Midnight, Mija, Noisia, and more along with curated parties from Anjunadeep, Night Bass, and Desert Hearts. Your EDM spoke with two of the festival founders for a chance to learn a little bit more about this island festival, if it really is just as much of a fantasy as it appears to be, and if Your Paradise is as elite as it seems or if the festival really is a fantastic travel adventure for anyone who loves dance music as much as we do.

What was your personal goal when setting out to create Your Paradise? Do you feel like you were able to achieve it and if so which year of the festival and what was the goal that replaced it. How has the vision behind Your Paradise grown or evolved since you first started building the concept of this Island Festival?

The goal was to develop a truly all-encompassing curated experience where travel, self-discovery, music & culture were part of the one event. Originally attracting a primarily Australian audience, we have now flights departing from Los Angeles and Auckland, New Zealand; with

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