Nina Kraviz Responds to Accusations of Racism for Wearing Cornrows

Nina Kraviz Responds to Accusations of Racism for Wearing Cornrows

Nina Kraviz found herself in hot water after sharing a photo of herself sporting her hair in cornrows. Despite showing off a new look before a then-upcoming show, Kraviz was met with accusations of being a racist and committing cultural appropriation for wearing cornrows. She has since responded to the backlash in a series of tweets, some deleted, others not.

After sharing her new hair style on Twitter to hype up her performance in Miami’s Club Space, Nina Kraviz was met with various critical tweets accusing her of cultural appropriation. Some called for her to remove her cornrows, others called her a flat out racist, and some have even called for her to be “cancelled.” The recent critics also expanded their backlash to include the title of her track “Ghetto Kraviz,” a track released in 2011. Despite its possible link to the “ghetto house” sub-genre, many are citing this as further proof of cultural appropriation.

In response, Kraviz has cited that cornrows have been found in other cultures besides African culture, which is an all-too-common defense in situations like these that ignores the actual issues at hand. In her post, she mentions that cornrows have been worn by Native American, Asian, and European cultures.

Kraviz also pushed back to the backlash of her “Ghetto Kraviz” song title by referring

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Your EDM Premiere: Cloonee Makes Debut On Sonny Fodera's Label With "Funky Funky" [Solotoko]

Your EDM Premiere: Cloonee Makes Debut On Sonny Fodera’s Label With “Funky Funky” [Solotoko]

If you know house music, then you know all about Cloonee. He has been on a meteoric rise, following his impressive debut EP ‘Estes’ on Elrow back in 2017 that has led to multiple releases on influential labels including Repopulate Mars, Desert Hearts and many others not to mention official remixes for Matoma’s “Sunday Morning” and Carlo Lio’s “Brother Jungle” on Elrow that reached no.11 spot on Beatport.

Now with Sonny Fodera backing him, Cloonee is making an impressive debut on Solotoko with his club ready “Funky Funky” single. “Funky Funky” lives up to the name, blending quirky synths, raging vocals and warping beams serving up a funk filled infusion.

Listen to Cloonee’s “Funky Funky” single below!

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Make That "Booty Work" with Gettoblaster's New Single ft. DJ Dagwood [LISTEN]

Make That “Booty Work” with Gettoblaster’s New Single ft. DJ Dagwood [LISTEN]

Gettoblaster are back at it with another dancefloor heater, “Booty Work” featuring DJ Dagwood.

Before we even get into it, the track’s title really tells it like it is. Fat basslines, crisp shakers and a nonstop, bouncing groove — it’s all in there, signature of Gettoblaster’s own signature style. Less is always more with these guys, with emphasis on thick, quality sound.

“Booty Work” hits with that same swagger heard in their huge summer smash “Get Dat” with DJ Funk. We simply can’t get enough of Gettoblaster’s classic jacking of house and techno, expertly demonstrated here.

To be on the dancefloor when this is playing — and not move — would be a straight up crime.

Listen and link up below!

Gettoblaster – “Booty Work” ft. DJ Dagwood

Get it:

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