Getter Drops Emotional New Original “Heartless” [MUST LISTEN]

Getter is taking those Visceral vibes and running with them, as heard in his latest single out today.

“Heartless” showcases Getter’s ability to effortlessly shift from genre to genre, making for something truly raw and real. Our brains scramble to make sense of it — he starts with a four on the floor house beat, and then — wait, what is he doing? It’s better to let go of all that and listen.

“Heartless” is simply beautiful and deeply emotional, letting us in on yet another side of Getter we’re not fully accustomed to. His focus is on the music, not on the ways we try to define it — originality at its best.

And, we like to think this is a low key middle finger to all those who hated on Visceral.

Listen to “Heartless” below and belt out the lyrics:

Cut my heart out
We’ll never work it out
But we keep trying
And you keep crying
Feels like I’m frozen
You think I’m chosen
Please don’t start this
Maybe I’m heartless 

Getter – Heartless

Get it:

P.S. See Getter LIVE here.


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Tek Genesis Unveils Lead Single "Amber" From Forthcoming Album On Noisia's Division Recordings

Tek Genesis Unveils Lead Single “Amber” From Forthcoming Album On Noisia’s Division Recordings

Sydney-based producer Tek Genesis is preparing to reveal his debut artist album, and he’s not pulling any punches. He’s releasing it via Noisia’s Division Recordings, and just dropped the debut single from the project, “Amber.”

The sound design on “Amber” bears immediate resemblance to other tastemakers like Eprom, G Jones, Tsuruda, or Esseks. The glitchy characteristics and understated hip hop beat present a unified front that both showcases his skill with a DAW and as a composer.

As we wait for more from Tek’s debut album, “Amber” should be sufficient to quench any thirst in the meantime. Listen below.

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Avicii's Most Iconic Song "Levels" Just Turned 8 [LISTEN AGAIN]

Avicii’s Most Iconic Song “Levels” Just Turned 8 [LISTEN AGAIN]

Avicii‘s most widely recognized single just turned 8 years old — so it’s time to wish “Levels” a happy birthday!

No EDM single in history projects nostalgia quite the way “Levels” does. From the opening pads through the distinct, feel-good melody, down to the iconic sample from Etta James‘ 1962 single, “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” — this song is the ultimate vibe.

“Levels” launched Avicii into superstardom, earning No. 1 spots on dance charts in the US, UK and beyond. It went on to be famously remixed by Skrillex and the song remains in his signature set to this day.

Of course, “Levels” plays out much more bittersweet these days. Avicii left this world behind suddenly on April 20, 2018, but his legacy lives on through his music.

Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah
Get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no, no
I get a good feeling, yeah

Blast this one out today, loudly!

MORE: Avicii’s Posthumous Album TIM Is Out Now

Avicii – Levels

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Ekali Drops Newest Single, “Back To You” with Kiiara, From Debut Album

The countdown to the debut album from Ekali continues to reach its final conclusion with the release of another new single, “Back To You” featuring Kiiara. This follows previous singles “Runaway” with Reo Cragun and “Be Fine” with Wafia.

“Back To You” is another shimmering single from the Canadian artist, supported by equally luminescent vocals from Kiiara. This tracks feels like it would light up the darkest cavern with beautiful melodies and amazingly positive vibes.

It’s also a true singalong song for Ekali’s fans, calling upon a sort of older Flume-esque synth style while keeping his own unique signature intact.

More information is still to come on Ekali’s debut album, but for now you can listen to “Back To You” below.


Photo via Brandon Artis

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Valy Mo Brings 'Laser House' Concept Back from the Future [INTERVIEW]

Valy Mo Brings ‘Laser House’ Concept Back from the Future [INTERVIEW]

Anyone who has been keeping up on Valy Mo has probably heard the term “Laser House” — but what does it mean?

The DJ/producer behind “Baguette Vibe” featuring Dustycloud (OWSLA), A Nightshift with Valy Mo EP (Confession), “Dimension” and “2045” (Aftr:hrs/Musical Freedom/Spinnin’) is now paving the way for Laser House. Up until this point, Valy Mo has experimented with a variety of genres and styles, but now he’s back from the future and laser focused.

We were able to sit down with this undeniable talent to talk specifics. From his minimalistic yet powerful approach, down to the inspiration behind the project — Valy Mo has it all covered in the interview below. Plus, he lays out a guide for upcoming producers who may want to experiment with Laser House and join the new universe.

But first, check out Valy Mo’s latest track “Gold” to hear what the hype is about!

Valy Mo – Gold

Your EDM x Valy Mo

How would you describe “Laser House” in your own words?

#LaserHouse is a dynamic sub-genre of house which can be played in all situations. Suitable for the club and festival. It is made of soft bangers to keep people dancing.

Structure: It uses house & techno elements in a mainstream structure. Not aggressive, but very powerful. #LaserHouse is minimalistic, not complex, to get straight to the point.

Intro / Build-up 1 / Drop 1 / Break

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armin van buuren

Armin van Buuren Releases New Song With Ne-Yo, “Unlove You,” Off Forthcoming Album

A little over a month ago, legend Armin van Buuren announced his seventh studio albumBalance, one of his most expansive and ambitious projects to date with 28 tracks and collaborations with the likes of Conrad Sewell, Cimo Fränke, and more. But without a doubt, one of the collaborations that most caught our attention was “Unlove You” with Ne-Yo.

That single is out today, and already proving different than Armin’s typical fare. Beginning with a sort of ’80s R&B piano melody, it quickly moves into a groovy deep house rhythm with Ne-Yo’s crooning voice. Undeniably catchy, “Unlove You” sees the seminal artists explore the subject of a recognizable post-breakup dilemma in their own unique way.

Armin van Buuren said of the collaboration, “Part of the beauty of having no limitations at all in the studio is that I get to work with the most talented people no matter what ‘genre’ they’re in, and NE-YO is no exception. It’s an honor to have worked together. We both built a legacy in our own respective scenes, and I’m grateful we were able to bridge the gap between them through ‘Unlove You’.”

NE-YO added, “I already loved this song because of its subject matter, as it’s familiar territory. But Armin’s musical interpretation takes it to a whole other level. The energy is contagious!”

Listen to “Unlove You” below and here on all streaming services.

Armin van Buuren feat. Ne-Yo – Unlove You [Lyrics]

Tell me where, tell me where

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Galantis Announces New Song Out With Legend Dolly Parton Next Week

Galantis have worked with an innumerable amount of stellar artists, from Passiot Pit to OneRepublic to Yellow Claw, Rozes, Throttle, Wrabel, and more. Now, the Swedish production duo is set to release their biggest collab ever with the legendary Dolly Parton on October 25th.

The single, “Faith,” which also features Mr. Probz for even more star power, is Ms. Parton’s first foray into electronic music. While it’s not like a Dolly Parton collaboration had ever been officially ruled out, it’s still incredible to see all the new artists EDM is bringing into to the fold.

As far as we can tell, the single hasn’t even been played out live yet. But stay tuned, we’re likely to get some sort of clip before it’s officially out next Friday! Pre-save it here.


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Madeon Reveals New Song From Forthcoming Album, “Be Fine”

The Good Faith roll out continues today with Madeon’s new single, “Be Fine.” Further distancing himself from early singles like “The City” and “Finale” and embracing his new style first featured on Adventure, Madeon presents a softer, sultry side to his music.

“Be Fine” is impossibly easy to listen to over and over again. I’ve probably had it on repeat for 30 or more minutes while writing this review. It’s effortless. Madeon’s voice glides over the production with the deftness of a Cirque du Soleil performer, and with the backing choir, this is truly an uplifting listening experience.

Madeon says of the track, “It’s a song that I wrote about joy, but sometimes joy is dangerous. Sometimes joy comes from the wrong place and being fine can mean different things. That I can understand from my own experience and mental health challenges. If but whatever you hear when you listen to it is fine too. If you listen to it and see it as a celebration of joy, that’s great, that’s what I want you to hear too, and if you listen to it and hear something else that’s very valued.”

Listen to “Be Fine” below. The Good Faith Live tour will kick off on October 30, more info HERE.

Madeon – Be Fine [Lyrics]

Today the world is gonna do me right
The sun is rising in my head
Until I just cannot believe my eyes
And you tell me it’s another phase
Does it matter if

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