Ardalan Debuts New Album "Mr. Good" [Your EDM Interview]

Ardalan Debuts New Album “Mr. Good” [Your EDM Interview]

What do a parade float, Mardi Gras beads, and a masquerade have to do with camping? When you are at Dirtybird Campout West Coast 2019 in Modesto, they come together to create the perfect traveling stage for a surprise album listening party as DJ/artist Ardalan took to the beaten campground paths to share his upcoming album, Mr. Good.

And just a few short hours before the Parade embarked from the Dirtybird Games HQ, I met with Ardalan backstage to not only chat about the San Francisco DJ’s upcoming album.

Ardalan and I spoke about the meaning behind Mr. Good and the masks people wear through life. We also talked about going on Escapades with Walker & Royce through New York City, experimenting with a new sound for a future album inspired by his Persian heritage and childhood in Iran, attending his first Dirtybird BBQ at 17, and releasing his first Dirtybird track with Justin Martin at 19. Last of all, we talked about what it means to him that Mr. Good will be the final Dirtybird release ever made in the San Francisco home he shared with his label mate and mentor.

So excited to play The Great Northern on Saturday to celebrate my album release AAAAND my birthday! 🥳 Be sure to grab tickets before they’re all gone!Tickets –

Posted by Ardalan on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

You have an album coming out on November 1st. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

My album

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SQUNTO Announces He’s Retiring From DJing: Exclusive

The attention to mental health in just the last couple of years has skyrocketed to an incredible degree, with more and more people taking into account their mental well being in addition to physical and emotional. This has only had positive effects thus far as celebrities and musicians and more have been able to become more open with fans and lay bare their troubles and tribulations. Of course, for the fans, this sometimes comes as a negative as their objects of fandom announce their taking a break or more.

Just today, SQUNTO announced his intent to retire from DJing as he cancelled a pair of Halloween shows in Florida tonight and tomorrow. “Sorry guys – as I’m in the process of retiring from DJing full time,” he writes in his tweet, “some really intense mental stuff comes up and I need to put my mind first.”

I reached out to SQUNTO to ask him more about what retiring meant to him. He says that this was definitely not a spur of the moment thing, as he’s been thinking about it for years at this point. He points to the nonstop grind

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Flume Talks About His New Live Show Freedom & Being Called EDM

One of the biggest comebacks this year — if you can even call it that — is Flume. He resurrected his sound with Hi This Is Flume earlier this year, followed by an EP with Reo Cragun and a fantastic new single, “Rushing Back,” with Vera Blue. He’s also back on the live tour circuit, touching down at Red Rocks, Lollapalooza, and more. If there’s one thing to be happy about this year, it’s him.

The Australian artist recently sat down with Mixmag to talk about his live show, his influences, and the future. Throughout the conversation, they touch on his visuals from Jonathan Zawada, who produced most of the Hi This Is Flume mixtape visualizer, as well as what it might be like if an artist played exactly to what the Spotify algorithm favors most… just as an experiment. If anyone could manipulate sound design to that degree, it would certainly be Flume.

He also talks about the newfound freedom his live show affords him, mentioning that he’d grown tired of “just playing the same songs, standing there, the same moments.”

“I got sick of seeing electronic music artists just standing in one position the entire show twiddling knobs, pressing buttons. I kind of just thought, how about I just go and be entertaining and have some fun up there. I don’t try and pretend I can play every single element of every single song because these are really complicated pieces of music and if

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Valy Mo Brings 'Laser House' Concept Back from the Future [INTERVIEW]

Valy Mo Brings ‘Laser House’ Concept Back from the Future [INTERVIEW]

Anyone who has been keeping up on Valy Mo has probably heard the term “Laser House” — but what does it mean?

The DJ/producer behind “Baguette Vibe” featuring Dustycloud (OWSLA), A Nightshift with Valy Mo EP (Confession), “Dimension” and “2045” (Aftr:hrs/Musical Freedom/Spinnin’) is now paving the way for Laser House. Up until this point, Valy Mo has experimented with a variety of genres and styles, but now he’s back from the future and laser focused.

We were able to sit down with this undeniable talent to talk specifics. From his minimalistic yet powerful approach, down to the inspiration behind the project — Valy Mo has it all covered in the interview below. Plus, he lays out a guide for upcoming producers who may want to experiment with Laser House and join the new universe.

But first, check out Valy Mo’s latest track “Gold” to hear what the hype is about!

Valy Mo – Gold

Your EDM x Valy Mo

How would you describe “Laser House” in your own words?

#LaserHouse is a dynamic sub-genre of house which can be played in all situations. Suitable for the club and festival. It is made of soft bangers to keep people dancing.

Structure: It uses house & techno elements in a mainstream structure. Not aggressive, but very powerful. #LaserHouse is minimalistic, not complex, to get straight to the point.

Intro / Build-up 1 / Drop 1 / Break

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Avicii's Father Talks "Stigma" of Mental Illness & Tim Bergling Foundation [WATCH]

Avicii’s Father Talks “Stigma” of Mental Illness & Tim Bergling Foundation [WATCH]

Avicii‘s father continues to open up about his son’s mental health and hopes to make a change.

This Wednesday, CBS is dedicating most of its morning programming to a special on mental health — Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health.” During which, Avicii’s father Klas Bergling discusses his son’s own struggle with anxiety and how it manifested over the years.

He speaks directly to fans who might be dealing with mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc.): “You have to talk about it. And you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.”

And, he explains the purpose behind the Tim Bergling Foundation: “Trying to get the stigma away from talking about mental illness and suicide. We hope we can be a voice through Tim. Because Tim has so many millions of fans.”

Tim Bergling aka Avicii took his own life on April 20, 2018.

Avicii’s Father On CBS This Morning


Source: CBS News | Photo Credit: Michele Crowe/CBS

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Talking New Sapphire EP, Music Videos & Upcoming Music with Devault [Interview]

Talking New Sapphire EP, Music Videos & Upcoming Music with Devault [Interview]

Devault teased us not that long ago that his latest EP was on the way with the titular track “Sapphire” with an accompanied music video. The EP drops today and is a follow-up to his JADE EP that was also paired with a visual experience. Both projects are part of a series of EPs that plan on expanding the Orange County native catalogue into dark club aesthetics.

But what makes Devault (real name Sage Devault) stand out among his peers is that he has his sights set on getting his audience to comprehend what his music and sets are like by making his visual aesthetics readily available when you search for sound. Whether it be via YouTube or Spotify, Devault’s audio and video projects are intertwined and inseparable. Like we once said, artists are taking their musical endeavors further and further and creating whole visual experiences to accompany their works. In this case, Devault is spending his resources to establish exactly what he is even though he is still a relatively new face in the industry.

From working with artists like Njomza, Team EZY, Ayelle, and ARMNHMR to officially remixing Rihanna, RL Grime, Charli XCX, and 6LACK, Devault has been on a grind that is admirable by this industry’s standards. Before the release of his latest EP, we sat down with Devault to talk about his Sapphire EP, his upcoming releases and advice on how to succeed in finding a sound that embodies

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The Story of Your Paradise As Told By Festival Founders Ignacio Garcia and Hadi J

The Story of Your Paradise As Told By Festival Founders Ignacio Garcia and Hadi J

Over the past six years, Your Paradise Fiji has earned a reputation for being one of the most intimate destination festivals in the world. Known for giving fans of dance music an unrivaled intimate festival experience with their favorite artists on a remote island in Fiji, the festival returns this year with A-Trak, Gorgon City, Getter’s hip-hop alter ego Terror Reid, What So Not, Cosmo’s Midnight, Mija, Noisia, and more along with curated parties from Anjunadeep, Night Bass, and Desert Hearts. Your EDM spoke with two of the festival founders for a chance to learn a little bit more about this island festival, if it really is just as much of a fantasy as it appears to be, and if Your Paradise is as elite as it seems or if the festival really is a fantastic travel adventure for anyone who loves dance music as much as we do.

What was your personal goal when setting out to create Your Paradise? Do you feel like you were able to achieve it and if so which year of the festival and what was the goal that replaced it. How has the vision behind Your Paradise grown or evolved since you first started building the concept of this Island Festival?

The goal was to develop a truly all-encompassing curated experience where travel, self-discovery, music & culture were part of the one event. Originally attracting a primarily Australian audience, we have now flights departing from Los Angeles and Auckland, New Zealand; with

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