Valy Mo Brings 'Laser House' Concept Back from the Future [INTERVIEW]

Valy Mo Brings ‘Laser House’ Concept Back from the Future [INTERVIEW]

Anyone who has been keeping up on Valy Mo has probably heard the term “Laser House” — but what does it mean?

The DJ/producer behind “Baguette Vibe” featuring Dustycloud (OWSLA), A Nightshift with Valy Mo EP (Confession), “Dimension” and “2045” (Aftr:hrs/Musical Freedom/Spinnin’) is now paving the way for Laser House. Up until this point, Valy Mo has experimented with a variety of genres and styles, but now he’s back from the future and laser focused.

We were able to sit down with this undeniable talent to talk specifics. From his minimalistic yet powerful approach, down to the inspiration behind the project — Valy Mo has it all covered in the interview below. Plus, he lays out a guide for upcoming producers who may want to experiment with Laser House and join the new universe.

But first, check out Valy Mo’s latest track “Gold” to hear what the hype is about!

Valy Mo – Gold

Your EDM x Valy Mo

How would you describe “Laser House” in your own words?

#LaserHouse is a dynamic sub-genre of house which can be played in all situations. Suitable for the club and festival. It is made of soft bangers to keep people dancing.

Structure: It uses house & techno elements in a mainstream structure. Not aggressive, but very powerful. #LaserHouse is minimalistic, not complex, to get straight to the point.

Intro / Build-up 1 / Drop 1 / Break

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