SQUNTO Announces He’s Retiring From DJing: Exclusive

The attention to mental health in just the last couple of years has skyrocketed to an incredible degree, with more and more people taking into account their mental well being in addition to physical and emotional. This has only had positive effects thus far as celebrities and musicians and more have been able to become more open with fans and lay bare their troubles and tribulations. Of course, for the fans, this sometimes comes as a negative as their objects of fandom announce their taking a break or more.

Just today, SQUNTO announced his intent to retire from DJing as he cancelled a pair of Halloween shows in Florida tonight and tomorrow. “Sorry guys – as I’m in the process of retiring from DJing full time,” he writes in his tweet, “some really intense mental stuff comes up and I need to put my mind first.”

I reached out to SQUNTO to ask him more about what retiring meant to him. He says that this was definitely not a spur of the moment thing, as he’s been thinking about it for years at this point. He points to the nonstop grind

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