[PREMIERE] Code Pandorum Impossibly Takes ATLiens & EDDIE's "Closer" Even Deeper In New Remix

[PREMIERE] Code Pandorum Impossibly Takes ATLiens & EDDIE’s “Closer” Even Deeper In New Remix

When ATLiens and EDDIE first dropped “Closer” from the Ghost Planet EP earlier this year, it was already one of the darkest and deepest songs I’ve heard in a long time. The minimalism and tenor of the bass contribute heavily to also giving it one of the creepiest sound profiles ever. What I never expected was that another producer could come in and make it even darker and even creepier… then again, it’s Code Pandorum, so why am I not surprised?

Code Pandorum takes the minimalist original and lights a fire under it, giving it more depth and variety in the synths and bass. All of the elements of the roots remain, but CP puts it all through the ringer as he warps and molds each little element to his own design. The result is a devilish dubstep banger that will have even the most seasoned headbangers stopping for a moment to ask, “What the actual fuck?”

“This remix is probably one of my favorites I did so far,” says Code Pandorum. “ATLiens posted the music video of ‘Closer’ with EDDIE and I was instantly inspired. The dark eerie vibe really got me and I directly had a vision for the remix. You dare to move a little closer..?”

Check out the remix below, and listen to the full remix pack here. Check out ATLiens on tour if you get the chance!

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Crankdat Drops Thrilling 'Fearworld' EP Just in Time for Halloween

Crankdat Drops Thrilling ‘Fearworld’ EP Just in Time for Halloween

Crankdat just dropped a horrifying 2-track EP, just in time for the spookiest day of the year!

With this new release, Crankdat’s signature Gearworld has flipped a switch — it’s Fearworld now. The EP includes two absolutely menacing bass productions, “Horror Hour” and “Phantom Cry.”

Crankdat has become a master of his own craft and we’re confident only he could think up Halloween-themed songs as theatrical and scream-worthy as these ones. Haunting synths, threatening bass, and blood-curdling surprises lurk at every corner. Beware.

Without further ado, Crankdat presents “the most terrifying place in the universe,” Fearworld. Listen below.

Crankdat – Fearworld EP

Get it: fanlink.to/Fearworld-EP

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RL Grime

RL Grime Drops 2019 Halloween Mix With Guy Fieri

RL Grime Drops 2019 Halloween Mix With Guy Fieri

It’s the most~ wonderful time~ of the year~

No, it’s not Christmas. It’s Halloween and RL Grime just dropped his annual mix just moments ago. This year, the intro duty was given to none other than Guy Fieri — it’s hard to conceive how the two came into contact, or how Fieri even agreed to jump on the mix, but we’re definitely not complaining.

The one-hour mix goes through the usual variety of trap and hip hop, mixing in dark beats and sinister vibes along the way. YouTube impressionist and Vine star Jake Foushee also makes an appearance, as well as the granddaddy of them all, RL Stein.

Check out the mix below, tracklist coming soon. Also find tickets to see RL Grime live on tour here.


Photo by Adi Nayev

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Your EDM Premiere: Audigy Closes New Tour with 'Lit AF' VIP mix and Insane Tour Recap

Your EDM Premiere: Audigy Closes New Tour with ‘Lit AF’ VIP mix and Insane Tour Recap

Audigy has dropped a whole lot of dubstep goodness and just in time for Halloween! The producer and DJ from South Florida delivers his latest adventures in his new tour recap video with the added bonus of a new VIP mix for his single “Lit AF” with Rico Act out now on Power House Records.

The new VIP of “Lit AF” is a bombastic extension of the original. Without wasting any time, the VIP grabs the reigns and is ready to drop by the 30 second mark. From there, the track adjusts the first drop of the original’s complextro-like attitude and creates a tsunami of synths and bass. This song reminds me of the wrestling move known as the “Wall of Jericho” in how quickly the harsh whirs hold listeners into submission. In other words, the new Audigy VIP will give you something to headbang about.

On his latest tour, Audigy tested a batch of new material while making his way across the Sunshine State. He was the headlining performance for venues in Tampa, Gainesville, and Jacksonville. He also performed recently alongside bass music’s biggest stars such as Slander, Herobust, Spag Heddy, and Tsuruda across Miami, Orlando, and New York.

Make sure to check out the new VIP mix for “Lit AF” and the tour recap from Audigy. Also make sure to follow his Soundcloud to catch up on all the latest Audigy releases.

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Griztronics Just Reached Peak Dubstep With This Epic Edit From Bassnectar

Griztronics Just Reached Peak Dubstep With This Epic Edit From Bassnectar

“Griztronics” has already lived its life five times over for any dubstep track, enjoying intensely viral success not just within our own community, but even on social media platforms like TikTok. Now, however, it has finally reached its peak since Bassnectar got his hands on it and made this absolutely should-be-illegal edit.

The video below was captured at Suwanee Hulaween last night as Bassnectar unleashed a horribly evil edit of Griz & Subtronics “Griztronics” mixed with Oski’s “Fuccapop.” The result is a bass-filled experience that takes both originals to new heights.

Check out the wild edit below! Fingers crossed “Griztronics” might get an actual official remix from the legend.

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[PREMIERE] SVDDEN DEATH & Somnium Sound Turn Fisher's "Losing It" Into A Dubstep Anthem

[PREMIERE] SVDDEN DEATH & Somnium Sound Turn Fisher’s “Losing It” Into A Dubstep Anthem

It’s finally here! At long last, the “Losing It” edit from SVDDEN DEATH and Somnium Sound has finally arrived and it’s everything we wanted and more.

The original from Fisher has become a classic already in the relatively short time since its release, and now this remix is set to set a bar for anyone trying to put a dubstep spin on the tune. The remix gets a huge melodic influence along with the bass, much like Somnium Sound’s latest EP Genesis.

When you get SVDDEN DEATH and Somnium Sound on a track together, there’s a good chance the result is going to be absolutely wild — and that’s precisely the case here.

Check out the remix below!

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showtek gammer

[PREMIERE] Showtek & Gammer Team Up On Wild New “EDM Sucks” Collaboration

Showtek and Gammer isn’t a duo I ever thought would fit on a collaboration, but 2019 is quickly proving to be a glitch in the matrix kind of year, and there are a lot of things I never thought would happen popping up. That being said, this combination absolutely fits, and “EDM Sucks” is a hilariously high quality take at main stage tropes.

The shock value in the vocal samples on the single isn’t by mistake either. Showtek says it’s always a goal in their music, “either by collaborating with artists people don’t expect us to work with, using different sounds or trying something completely new.” No doubt they’ve achieved that effect here.

“All we need is a cheesy singalong gimmick and a super generic, predictable halftime drop that every DJ wants to play. Are you ready?”

Of course the track title is a joke, and even though the song makes fun of itself, it still absolutely bangs. It’s the perfect 2014-style throwback tune that’s fit for the main stage but still packs a kick.

Gammer says of the single, “We needed to take the time to make fun of all the ‘seriousness’ that this industry has lately possessed and just go back to making music that feels right.”

Check out “EDM Sucks” below!

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AHZ releases new single "It's Alive" alongside a can't miss Music Video!

AHZ releases new single “It’s Alive” alongside a can’t miss Music Video!

It’s no secret that October is a month of excitement. Fall is in the air, pumpkin and apple patches are abuzz, and Halloween is most certainly on its way. And while we all look forward to finding the perfect costume to trot out at the craziest parties of the year– we also look forward to a veer in the tone of the music that’s hitting the airwaves. A slightly darker, haunting sound that echoes the change of seasons. And if one track illuminates this vibe to the tee it is the newest single from Brody Jenner’s new band AHZ.

“It’s Alive” released on Friday with a music video that is sure to deliciously delight their fans! The track, which boasts scintillating vocals from lead singer Adam O’Rourke, is truly a journey of sound from top to bottom. It opens with a tantalizing, mysterious melody that quickly ramps up to an epic bass laden drop! Its combination of bolstered bass, distorted and interwoven glitch bites, and masterfully composed hit back to the melody create something that has never been done before. Utilizing their full range of instruments, the track brings in many elements of punk rock, like it’s unrivaled use of rippin’ drums, to set the song apart from anything happening in the Bass scene right now.

The music video uses all of these amazing elements, and seamlessly syncs up to a brilliantly mastered animated video that truly does bring the whole project to life! Created by Colin Lepper, the

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Your EDM Premiere: Crankdat – Phantom Cry

Dropping this Friday is the unapologetic Fearworld EP from Crankdat. The Ohio producer has had some awesome successes of late, and counts support from the likes of DJ Snake and Marshmello. There are two tracks available on the forthcoming EP, and we have the premiere of its second cut.

Snippets of hard-edged vocals and pacy beats are the order of the day with ‘Phantom Cry,’ which builds with an almost frantic dynamic. The bassline goes off with fiery depth, whilst Crankdat creates some shrill melodic shards to layer over the top.

Peep this below!

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Zeds Dead's Seminal "Eyes On Fire" Remix Turns 10 Years Old Today

Zeds Dead’s Seminal “Eyes On Fire” Remix Turns 10 Years Old Today

Ten years ago, I was but a fledgling headbanger. I’d maybe heard Mt Eden’s “Sierra Leone,” perhaps “Jehova,” and… Zeds Dead’s “Eyes On Fire” remix.

This was also back in the early days of UKF, the platform at least partly responsible for the popularity of artists like Flux Pavilion, Modestep, Nero, and Knife Party. In fact, half of UKF’s top 10 most watched videos feature Flux Pavilion. But, that’s beside the point — today, we’re here to talk about the channel’s #1 video of all time.

Since 2009, Zeds Dead have put out a number of EPs, two albums, their own record label, back-to-back nights at Red Rocks, innumerable headline tours, and more. They’re verified legends. But still, their legacy can be easily traced back to this one… single… remix.

It’s a wonder what might have become of Zeds Dead had UKF not existed. Let’s be thankful we don’t ever have to find out. Listen to “Eyes On Fire” below.


Photo by Scott Hutchinson for Insomniac Events

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Excision Shares Full 2 Hour Set From Lost Lands 2019

We’re now nearly three weeks after Lost Lands this year, and I’m sure some people are still wishing they were right there in Legend Valley in front of the Paradox headbanging their riddim hearts out. Sadly, it cannot be… BUT! In lieu of actually being there, Excision has finally released the HD stream of his 2-hour headlining set from Friday night.

The 2-hour set has nearly 120 tracks in it, making it nearly one track a minute. The wild pace alongside the already wild tracks is part of what makes an Excision set an Excision set and what makes them legendary. Of course, a lot of flow is sacrificed when you’re mixing that quickly, but there’s nothing wrong with having banger after banger, either.

Check out the full 2-hour set below! And scroll down to see the complete tracklisting via 1001tracklists.

01 Excision – ID (Intro Edit)
02 Excision & Wooli ft. Sam King – Evolution [EXCISION]
04 NAZAAR – Modern Hieroglyphics [NSD: BLACK LABEL]
05 Ray Volpe – Get Up [NEVER SAY DIE]
07 Nacha – Axe Of Woe [BASSWEIGHT]
08 Ray Volpe – Save Me [THRIVE]
09 Excision & Dion Timmer – Home (Spag Heddy Remix) [EXCISION]
10 Excision & Wooli & Trivecta ft. Julianne Hope – Oxygen [EXCISION]
11 Delta Heavy ft. Modestep – Here With Me (Franky Nuts Remix) [RAM]
12 Eptic – Power [MONSTERCAT]
13 Serpents – Snake Pit [FREE]

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