Tek Genesis Unveils Lead Single "Amber" From Forthcoming Album On Noisia's Division Recordings

Tek Genesis Unveils Lead Single “Amber” From Forthcoming Album On Noisia’s Division Recordings

Sydney-based producer Tek Genesis is preparing to reveal his debut artist album, and he’s not pulling any punches. He’s releasing it via Noisia’s Division Recordings, and just dropped the debut single from the project, “Amber.”

The sound design on “Amber” bears immediate resemblance to other tastemakers like Eprom, G Jones, Tsuruda, or Esseks. The glitchy characteristics and understated hip hop beat present a unified front that both showcases his skill with a DAW and as a composer.

As we wait for more from Tek’s debut album, “Amber” should be sufficient to quench any thirst in the meantime. Listen below.

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Ekali Drops Newest Single, “Back To You” with Kiiara, From Debut Album

The countdown to the debut album from Ekali continues to reach its final conclusion with the release of another new single, “Back To You” featuring Kiiara. This follows previous singles “Runaway” with Reo Cragun and “Be Fine” with Wafia.

“Back To You” is another shimmering single from the Canadian artist, supported by equally luminescent vocals from Kiiara. This tracks feels like it would light up the darkest cavern with beautiful melodies and amazingly positive vibes.

It’s also a true singalong song for Ekali’s fans, calling upon a sort of older Flume-esque synth style while keeping his own unique signature intact.

More information is still to come on Ekali’s debut album, but for now you can listen to “Back To You” below.


Photo via Brandon Artis

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Gryffin Breaks Down His Debut Album 'Gravity' Track by Track [MUST LISTEN]

Gryffin Breaks Down His Debut Album ‘Gravity’ Track by Track [MUST LISTEN]

At long last, Gryffin’s debut album Gravity is finally here! Though fans have already heard a fair portion of the songs thanks to the Gravity Pt 1 EP that dropped earlier this year, plus a couple more choice singles thereafter, there are still plenty of surprises in store.

We invited Gryffin to break down the album track by track and explain what each means, why it is where it is in the tracklist, the experience working with the vocalist, or whatever else he had to say!

Play the album here and read along below.

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I wanted to create an Intro to the album that felt big, emotional, and expansive to really embody the Gravity concept. This was incredibly fun to create because I was able to collaborate with an incredible composer, Max Aruj, and also recorded and tracked my own vocals on this record.

Gryffin & Slander – All You Need To Know (ft. Calle Lehmann)

I fell in love with “All You Need To Know” the first time I heard the demo because it sounded like a nostalgic dance anthem that evoked days of when Swedish House Mafia and Avicii were breaking onto the scene. It was such a fun record to make, channeling those uplifting, nostalgic vibes of that era but giving it an updated spin that felt true to the Gryffin sound. Bringing SLANDER onto the track was an incredible experience as well and it’s been amazing seeing the

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fox stevenson

Fox Stevenson Impresses With A Boyish Charm On Debut Album, “Killjoy”

Fox Stevenson’s debut album Killjoy has had one of the more subtle rollouts of 2019, but it will end up being one of the strongest albums all year with its infectious melodies, unique production styles, and endless amounts of fun.

One of my biggest issues with drum n bass or dubstep albums, or bass albums in general, is that so many of them are focused on making the hardest bangers, the hardest bass, the snappiest snares. In doing so, a lot of the time, they forget that this music should be fun beyond all else, and that’s where Fox Stevenson excels. It’s hard to tell whether it’s his particular production style, with filters on his own vocals and bass, or the tempo of the music, or some other unknown element or everything all together, but Killjoy absolutely doesn’t live up to its namesake as it is just pure joy in every sense of the word.

It’s hard to think of another album without any features that has had so much of a true album vibe. Pioneers like Robert Delong and Big Data come to mind, but no one so firmly rooted in the EDM world as Fox. With his brilliant combination of pop lyrics and melodies with drum n bass tempos, this is by far one of the most unparalleled listening experiences of the year.

The album begins with “Out My Head,” which is hardly an electronic dance music track except for the fact that it was produced electronically by

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sullivan king

Sullivan King Releases Wild Metal/EDM Hybrid Debut Album, “Show Some Teeth”

When I first received Sullivan King’s new album Show Some Teeth in early September, only a month away from release, it had just twelve tracks on it. By the time it was finally ready for release, that number had gone up to fifteen. Rather than view that as a negative, that he and his team were unable to properly track out an album so soon to release, I took it as a positive — Sullivan King has so much good music, and is so willing to continually share it with fans, that he just couldn’t stop adding to the album.

Listening through the album now, it’s clear that all of Sully’s career has been leading up to this point. From all the myriad singles and EPs, he’s found his place within the scope of EDM and discovered his own wildly uncompromising sound that blends bass and metal beautifully. And, rather than rely on vocals from other metal heroes, he does his own, ostensibly making him the de facto king of the crossover genre — he’s not Sullivan King for nothing.

Though the metal crossover is present throughout the album, Sully also doesn’t shy away from some more melodic fare, like on “Why Don’t You Love Me?” and “Solace.” It’s that wide diversity of sound that prevents Show Some Teeth from overstaying its welcome. In that regard, he’s not only showing off his talents as a producer but also as his own songwriter and, to some degree, A&R.

On that note,

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