[PREMIERE] Code Pandorum Impossibly Takes ATLiens & EDDIE's "Closer" Even Deeper In New Remix

[PREMIERE] Code Pandorum Impossibly Takes ATLiens & EDDIE’s “Closer” Even Deeper In New Remix

When ATLiens and EDDIE first dropped “Closer” from the Ghost Planet EP earlier this year, it was already one of the darkest and deepest songs I’ve heard in a long time. The minimalism and tenor of the bass contribute heavily to also giving it one of the creepiest sound profiles ever. What I never expected was that another producer could come in and make it even darker and even creepier… then again, it’s Code Pandorum, so why am I not surprised?

Code Pandorum takes the minimalist original and lights a fire under it, giving it more depth and variety in the synths and bass. All of the elements of the roots remain, but CP puts it all through the ringer as he warps and molds each little element to his own design. The result is a devilish dubstep banger that will have even the most seasoned headbangers stopping for a moment to ask, “What the actual fuck?”

“This remix is probably one of my favorites I did so far,” says Code Pandorum. “ATLiens posted the music video of ‘Closer’ with EDDIE and I was instantly inspired. The dark eerie vibe really got me and I directly had a vision for the remix. You dare to move a little closer..?”

Check out the remix below, and listen to the full remix pack here. Check out ATLiens on tour if you get the chance!

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Mersiv Calls Out DJs Who Brand with "Dark Evil Shit,” Svdden Death & More Respond

Mersiv Calls Out DJs Who Brand with “Dark Evil Shit,” Svdden Death & More Respond

Nothing like some quality Twitter beef for your Sunday…

Svdden Death and more are shutting down Mersiv for comments about DJs who use “satanic symbolism” and “dark evil shit” in their branding.

Of course with Svdden Death, the name and the project has a tendency to be dark leaned. However, as long as visuals/concepts/branding/etc. aren’t hurting anyone — there shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Mersiv doesn’t seem to think so:

“Shoutout to all the DJs that can push their music without branding off of satanic symbolism and dark evil shit,” he says in the tweet below.

Svdden Death has responded:

“cowards are scared of expression. do whatever you want and don’t listen to woke gatekeepers. music and art is about conveying every emotion, not just the ones that make you comfortable. (also I’m sick of the implication that dark = satanic = bad)”

More and more are chiming in. What do you think?

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