Grabbitz Digs Up My Chemical Romance Cover From When He Was 12 & It’s So Adorable

With the news of My Chemical Romance and Rage Against The Machine both reuniting in the span of just 24 hours, emotions are running high right now. Between the emo and punk crowds, 2020 is looking strong already. For Grabbitz, it was an opportunity to dig up a real gem from nearly 15 years ago.

Back in 2005, “Helena” from My Chemical Romance was their huge single, and young Grabbitz, aged just 12 years old, recorded a beautiful cover of it.

It’s a wonder that he even still has it, going on 14 years later. But you can already tell that he was destined for his current career. Check out this incredibly adorable and wildly good cover of “Helena” below! Find his current music on Spotify here.

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Gryffin & Aloe Blacc Perform Stripped Back Cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” [WATCH]

Gryffin and Aloe Blacc cover “Wake Me Up,” originally performed by Avicii, to utter perfection for Sirius XM.

The magic is captured below, as Gryffin takes to acoustic guitar with an electric assist, and Aloe performs his famous lyrics with execution. “Wake Me Up” comes alive once again with this stripped down version, guaranteed to hit you right in the feels.

Aloe previously touched on the track, which is recognized as one of Avicii’s greatest hits:

Take the risk. As an artist, if ever you feel nervous about something, it’s better to take the risk than to regret it. When we created ‘Wake Me Up’ there was no blueprint for the combination of sounds and no example of success to rely on.

Watch below.

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Gryffin & Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (Avicii Cover)


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