Avicii's Most Iconic Song "Levels" Just Turned 8 [LISTEN AGAIN]

Avicii’s Most Iconic Song “Levels” Just Turned 8 [LISTEN AGAIN]

Avicii‘s most widely recognized single just turned 8 years old — so it’s time to wish “Levels” a happy birthday!

No EDM single in history projects nostalgia quite the way “Levels” does. From the opening pads through the distinct, feel-good melody, down to the iconic sample from Etta James‘ 1962 single, “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” — this song is the ultimate vibe.

“Levels” launched Avicii into superstardom, earning No. 1 spots on dance charts in the US, UK and beyond. It went on to be famously remixed by Skrillex and the song remains in his signature set to this day.

Of course, “Levels” plays out much more bittersweet these days. Avicii left this world behind suddenly on April 20, 2018, but his legacy lives on through his music.

Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah
Get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no, no
I get a good feeling, yeah

Blast this one out today, loudly!

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Avicii – Levels

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Gryffin & Aloe Blacc Perform Stripped Back Cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” [WATCH]

Gryffin and Aloe Blacc cover “Wake Me Up,” originally performed by Avicii, to utter perfection for Sirius XM.

The magic is captured below, as Gryffin takes to acoustic guitar with an electric assist, and Aloe performs his famous lyrics with execution. “Wake Me Up” comes alive once again with this stripped down version, guaranteed to hit you right in the feels.

Aloe previously touched on the track, which is recognized as one of Avicii’s greatest hits:

Take the risk. As an artist, if ever you feel nervous about something, it’s better to take the risk than to regret it. When we created ‘Wake Me Up’ there was no blueprint for the combination of sounds and no example of success to rely on.

Watch below.

EXCLUSIVE: Gryffin Walks Us Through His Stunning Debut Album Song-by-Song

Gryffin & Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (Avicii Cover)


Photo via Rukes.com

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Avicii's Father Talks "Stigma" of Mental Illness & Tim Bergling Foundation [WATCH]

Avicii’s Father Talks “Stigma” of Mental Illness & Tim Bergling Foundation [WATCH]

Avicii‘s father continues to open up about his son’s mental health and hopes to make a change.

This Wednesday, CBS is dedicating most of its morning programming to a special on mental health — Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health.” During which, Avicii’s father Klas Bergling discusses his son’s own struggle with anxiety and how it manifested over the years.

He speaks directly to fans who might be dealing with mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc.): “You have to talk about it. And you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.”

And, he explains the purpose behind the Tim Bergling Foundation: “Trying to get the stigma away from talking about mental illness and suicide. We hope we can be a voice through Tim. Because Tim has so many millions of fans.”

Tim Bergling aka Avicii took his own life on April 20, 2018.

Avicii’s Father On CBS This Morning


Source: CBS News | Photo Credit: Michele Crowe/CBS

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Martin Garrix Says Avicii’s Death Has Brought DJs Closer Together

Avicii’s death in 2018 was a shock to everyone. The suddenness of it all, the lack of any signs took everyone’s collective breath away in one swift moment — it was also a wake up call and a rallying cry for much of the music industry.

Since Avicii’s death, many DJs have been more open about cancelling shows or just taking time off to focus on mental health, or health in general. Speaking with Dutch publication Het Parool, Martin Garrix says it brought the DJ community closer together.

“It was weird what happened to him, but his death did trigger something in the scene,” he said. “There is much more awareness that we DJs are just people.”

The aftermath of Avicii’s death, as mentioned before, is plain to see. Even in other genres of dance music, Cookie Monsta, Kayzo, Flosstradamus and more are being wary of their mental state and are taking time to let their bodies and minds recover.

Read Martin’s full quote about Avicii below.

“I was really devastated by his death. I was a good friend of Tim and I often toured with him. That life was not for him, I saw that. His decision to stop concerts must have been difficult, but it was wise. We talked a little less because of that, but I thought he was fine. It was weird what happened to him, but his death did trigger something in the scene. There is much more awareness that we DJs are just

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