Slow Magic Drops Second Installment Of "Dreams"

Slow Magic Drops Second Installment Of “Dreams”

A little over three months since Slow Magic returned from a year-long hiatus with Dreams, Pt. I, he has dropped the second in the series with two new singles: “I’ll Be There 4 U” and “Slow Wave Sleep.”

Unlike the first part which differentiated between the two tracks with powerful vocal and ambient tones, both singles in this part feel right in line with where Slow Magic is headed. The first song, with Evalyn, is an upbeat, happy song teeming with positivity, like running through a field of wheat in the setting sun. (I don’t know if others identify with that image of happiness, but give it a shot, eh?)

The second, “Slow Wave Sleep,” is the instrumental track on the release. If you were to compare it to “I’ll Be There 4 U,” it would be like this is after you’ve exited the wheat field and find an abandoned warehouse with an ambient rave and lots of really nice people. Not friends, yet, but they soon will be.

Dreams Pt. 2 is out now, listen below, with the full Dreams EP to follow on Tuesday, November 12.

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Petit Biscuit Unveils Glorious Remix Of Flume's "Rushing Back" with Vera Blue

Petit Biscuit Unveils Glorious Remix Of Flume’s “Rushing Back” with Vera Blue

Flume has been pushing his latest single, “Rushing Back,” hard. After putting out a live video from Red Rocks followed by an acoustic rendition from Vera Blue, he’s just called upon Petit Biscuit for the first official remix. And honestly, who better?

A lot of Vera Blue’s intensity is lost in Petit Biscuit’s remix, but the composition as a whole becomes more widely accessible to casual listeners who might not be used to Flume’s frenetic production style.

Speaking on the new release, 19-year-old Petit Biscuit shared, “Ever since I was 12 years old, Flume has inspired me to innovate in everything I make. He is an artist that is constantly pushing the limits of our genre forward. It’s an honour to be able to bring my signature sound to one of his tracks, lending it somewhat of a dreamy quality.”

Check out the remix of “Rushing Back” below.

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And Now For Something Completely Different: Thys from Noisia Showcases His Experimental Chops in 'Music from Sleeping Beauty Dreams' [Division] [Video]

And Now For Something Completely Different: Thys from Noisia Showcases His Experimental Chops in ‘Music from Sleeping Beauty Dreams’ [Division] [Video]

While we’re all still trying to adapt to this new post-Noisia world, one thing everyone’s been certain about is that it wouldn’t be long before Thys came out with some weird stuff. Enter: Music From Sleeping Beauty Dreams, a new cutting edge “album” of sorts, composed to accompany an equally cutting-edge audiovisual dance show called, unsurprisingly, Sleeping Beauty Dreams.

Now just to clarify, Thys was clearly working on this project long before the announcement of Noisia splitting but everyone know he’s been working on a number of side projects, so this hasn’t been a surreptitious situation. That said, Sleeping Beauty Dreams is entirely its own project and, as Thys himself has said, the resulting album/score was originally composed for the show and its 32 surround sound system. Adapting it for release on digital streaming formats must have been an absolute bitch. It was clearly a labor of love, however, and we’re glad Thys has decided to share it on the Division imprint.

Sleeping Beauty Dreams was created by Magic Reality group, a production company rooted in contemporary dance but using added hyperreal audiovisual elements to its performances to create something otherworldly and to, in their words, “alter the audience’s perception of the physical world.” Right up Thys’s alley. This performance imagines, in stunning visual detail, what Princess Aurora was dreaming about in her 100-year slumber.

Just from watching the performance on YouTube, the visual artistry in this show is one of a kind and completely mindblowing. Seeing it live in

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