Audacity – An Audio Editor for All Times

When it comes to music life, there is much advancement that has come up and almost anybody can open up a recording studio as long as he or she is knowledgeable of the media. There are many software developments that have made it possible for a person to make a personal computer into his own recording studio. Now there is audacity a program by open source that makes it possible for you to edit, cut and insert clips on a piece of song. This program, as powerful as it is, is given out for free and one can grab one by visiting the audacity website.


There are many advantages in using audacity in your music development. The first one which is pretty clear and outspoken is it being provided for free hence you do not have to use any money to purchase the software. Since it is from an open source cloud, it is ever being implemented and new adjustments made to make it better. Like they say two are better than one, this program is under development by many people in the world who have come together to strengthen this saying. Since there are many operating software’s in the market, the developers if audacity has seen to it that you make a point of making it compatible to almost all operating systems in the computing environment.

Create and Edit.

With its wide support to other many operating systems in the market, you can now edit all the version of music that you want and even be able to insert your own customizations. You can also make your own ringtones using this program hence can still make money with the same as long as you have the techniques to do the same. In cases where there is a copy righted music album that you want to edit, you can record the music clip with the same software to make it editable. If you love music with passion and like doing wonders with it and making your own mix tapes, you can still use the same software to mix many music tracks to make one great collection of music mix.

The other advantage of using this software is that it supports different audio channel modes hence one can use any kind of music in the program. Apart from supporting the multi voice channels it comes with inbuilt digital music effects to make your music experience more fun and adorable to other music lovers. You can adjust different music speeds and also re-equalise the track to your personal preference. With such kind of a free version of music editor, not many software developers would be willing to make all this for free, but through the power of group work and community development and assistance, many volunteers are happy to see the work of their hands helping many other people in the world.

Use audacity in Windows.

The only known limitation to audacity is the fact that there are plugins in it that are do not work well with windows 7. Though this is a small problem, these groups of like-minded persons are working day and night to make it a reality in the windows 7 operating system.