4 Reasons Why Music is Important for Young Children

If you have children, you’ve most likely already noticed that your little ones love moving and dancing to music. It makes them smile. You have a great time singing their favorite songs together in the car or before bedtime. Music is more than just fun for young children. It’s good for them, too.

It Helps Children Calm Down

One thing that many parents do to help a crying infant is to sing a lullaby. Music has the power to help calm children of all ages. Your child’s favorite songs can help them to deal with stress or when they are feeling overwhelmed.

It Helps with Fine Motor Skill Development

When listening to music, children often clap or dance. These actions help develop coordination and balance. Musical instruments such as a toy drum or xylophone can also help to develop fine motor skills.

It Aids in Teaching Math

If your child is in preschool redmond wa, part of their curriculum is math. Math concepts for young children are simple. They focus on recognizing patterns. Many songs aimed at young children feature simple patterns that are easily recognizable. Children can follow along with the patterns while listening to the songs and learn math skills at the same time.

It Helps Children Develop Patience

Patience is an essential concept for children to learn but one that can be difficult. They typically want things right away, but instant gratification can be detrimental to their development When learning how to play instruments, children have to learn to wait for their turn to play to make good music. As your child learns how to play an instrument or sing in chorus, he or she also learns how to work as part of a group to create something beautiful.

Music is a lot of fun for kids. It also plays a major role in child development. It’s never too early to introduce your children to music. Encourage your child when you find them enjoying music and join right in.