Rihanna Is Officially The World’s Richest Female Musician


Rihanna has been work, work, working her way to becoming the world’s richest female musician. As a singer, fashion icon, and makeup entrepreneur, Rihanna has garnered an estimated $600 million fortune that has overshadowed fellow female artists like Madonna ($570 million), Céline Dion ($450 million) and Beyoncé ($400 million). According to a recent feature in Forbes, much of her wealth has come from her partnership with French luxury goods giant LVMH, which has allowed her to dive into the world of makeup and clothing. In its first 15 months, her co-owned makeup brand Fenty Beauty reportedly racked up $570 million in sales. Additionally, Rihanna is the first black woman ever to head up a major Parisian luxury fashion house. The news comes on the heels of Forbes’ announcement titling Jay-Z the first billionaire rapper. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before Rihanna catches up to Jay-Z and gets her own billionaire status.


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‘Rihanna Is Officially The World’s Richest Female Musician

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