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For World Mental Well being Day, Residence & Hosed ‘s Declan Byrne speaks to Jack River, Caleb from Tiny Little Houses, and Help Act to delve into what it’s actually like being a musician in Australia. Weapons N? Roses is another band whose members used their our bodies as chemistry labs, and lived to write lyrics and music about it. Within the music lyrics, ?We?ve been dancing with Mr. Brownstone,? ?brownstone? is slang for heroin. According to guitarist Slash, he and co-guitarist Izzy Straddlin got here up with the lyrics while they have been complaining about being heroin addicts, and scribbled the words on a grocery bag. He stated the lyrics described a typical day within the two guitarists? lives, at the time.

In between catching some quality rock (it’s a tough life), Alex shall be speaking to musicians and managers about HINT. He in all probability won’t have time to do one-on-one periods, but for those who’re a musician who’s planning on being at Pitchfork Festival, you may shoot him an e-mail right here to get arrange for one in every of his casual group chats.

Candy Aid supplies financial help to musicians of all kinds for medical expenses, various therapies, treatment for alcohol or chemical dependency, prescriptions, and living expenses if the artist is unable to work. Sweet Relief also has a new financial assistance program particularly for retired or semi-retired older musicians, which helps pay living bills.

This paragraph is likely one of the few artist friendly” places in a typical recording contract. As we have seen the breadth and depth of the standard grant of rights” clause provides the label far-reaching rights to do what it needs with the artist’s music created beneath the contract. The coupling clause takes a bit of that discretion back, as a result of it gives the artist the appropriate to refuse to be positioned on a compilation with different artists for no matter motive. For example, if I’m a Christian singer, I can veto a label resolution to place me on a Christmas album with Eminem.

Being a musician has the impact of any self-employed job, you by no means switch off, all the pieces is connected to your success; your relationships, your friendships and your social life,” Joe Tilson told me in a latest interview, a singer-songwriter from West Yorkshire. At the time I by no means considered music as the reason for any of my low factors, I saw it as the escape and cure, that I was fortunate to have it.