Madeon Reveals Details About New Good Faith Album + Live Show

Since the release of his new single, Madeon fans have all the reason to lose their minds. The dreamy pop single ensured us that a new era for the artist is upon us and we cannot be any more excited for what’s to come. In a recent interview with Billboard, the producer gave us insight on what sparked the concept for the new album, live show, and more.

I knew Adventure was about my teenage years. That’s when I made it, and I wanted this one to be about my early adulthood. It was natural to move out from my parents’ basement and have more of my own life experience. Then I’d have something to write about.

The way I see it, Good Faith audio, meaning the album and singles, feels very much like daytime, and the live show is the nighttime version. It’s the same spirit, but it has the mystery and energy that night possesses.

It’s me alone onstage. There’s no live band or anything, but there’s a really, particularly art-directed live show; a complicated and intense logistical thing I’m very proud to have come together. – Madeon

Needless to say, it will be incredibly exciting to see things come to fruition for the 25-year old musician. With the recent announcement of a tour and album on the way, it feels good to have Madeon back on the forefront of dance music. Let’s see what he has to deliver.



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‘Madeon Reveals Details About New Good Faith Album + Live Show

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