What So Not Played An Entire Set After Suffering a Concussion

One of the things we love about What So Not is his dedication to the game. The Australian producer is hardly ever seen taking a day off from his music career, perhaps taking it a bit too far recently by playing a set directly after receiving a concussion. Read the entire story from WSN’s perspective below.

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Yesterday was one of the harder sets of my life. . I smacked my head on a low hanging LED wall climbing on stage. It immediately put me to the floor, but I didn’t realize anything was that serious until moments later I couldn’t figure out how to select what to play. . We worked out pretty quick I’d concussed myself, but decided id deal with it after the set. . It was a bazaar experience. Despite jumping around & smiling through it, I almost sat down & just gave up a couple times. . Took a minute to sit & chill & ice my head once I was done. Was still a little confused for a few hours but eventually cleared up. . Sorry to anyone at @ubbidubbifest if the show was a little off? I think it was alright, but can’t remember it too well ha.. . All is good & well today. Still an amazing weekend of shows. See u all soon 💙 . @ubbidubbifest @rukes @ohdagyo

A post shared by What So Not (@whatsonot) on Apr 29, 2019 at 5:23pm PDT

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