New Artist Profile: Kirrah Amosa Examines the Balance Between Bravery and Self Care in 'Undefeated'

New Artist Profile: Kirrah Amosa Examines the Balance Between Bravery and Self Care in ‘Undefeated’

Fans of musical theatre may already know Kirrah Amosa, the Aussie songstress who has performed in a gallery of well-known musicals including Wicked, for which she won two awards. Her pop pedigree has also strengthened as the performed with the likes of Rita Ora, Adam Lambert and Rob Thomas. She released her debut EP Trials in 2018 to critical acclaim and fans fell in love with her honest lyrics paired with funky musical style. She also famously appeared on The Voice Australia this past year, but that didn’t exactly go to plan.

After a round of particularly harsh feedback from The Voice judges, Amosa left the stage visibly upset but in her mind that’s not where the problem was. After the episode aired, she faced a barrage of hate and bullying on social media. Suddenly quite early on in her pop career, Amosa had to deal with an artist’s worst fear: hate and criticism that attacked her character, not just her music.

Amosa’s first single after the The Voice debacle was entitled “Nothing On Me” and it was a direct reply to the feedback storm, containing clips from the contentious episode as well as part of a radio interview where she explained how The Voice actually works and expressing her gratitude for the fans and artists who supported her. The lyrics are scathing and the single was clearly a catharsis for Amosa.

Amosa’s newest single “Undefeated” sees her returning to her more introspective yet powerful vocals and also a lot

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AHZ releases new single "It's Alive" alongside a can't miss Music Video!

AHZ releases new single “It’s Alive” alongside a can’t miss Music Video!

It’s no secret that October is a month of excitement. Fall is in the air, pumpkin and apple patches are abuzz, and Halloween is most certainly on its way. And while we all look forward to finding the perfect costume to trot out at the craziest parties of the year– we also look forward to a veer in the tone of the music that’s hitting the airwaves. A slightly darker, haunting sound that echoes the change of seasons. And if one track illuminates this vibe to the tee it is the newest single from Brody Jenner’s new band AHZ.

“It’s Alive” released on Friday with a music video that is sure to deliciously delight their fans! The track, which boasts scintillating vocals from lead singer Adam O’Rourke, is truly a journey of sound from top to bottom. It opens with a tantalizing, mysterious melody that quickly ramps up to an epic bass laden drop! Its combination of bolstered bass, distorted and interwoven glitch bites, and masterfully composed hit back to the melody create something that has never been done before. Utilizing their full range of instruments, the track brings in many elements of punk rock, like it’s unrivaled use of rippin’ drums, to set the song apart from anything happening in the Bass scene right now.

The music video uses all of these amazing elements, and seamlessly syncs up to a brilliantly mastered animated video that truly does bring the whole project to life! Created by Colin Lepper, the

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7-Time Top Hard Dance Act Headhunterz Quits DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Contest

7-Time Top Hard Dance Act Headhunterz Quits DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Contest

Headhunterz was recently voted top hard dance act by DJ Mag‘s Top 100 DJs poll — but this will be the last time he carries the torch.

The DJ/producer just announced he’s dropping out of the competition after coming in at number 29 for 2019. In what he describes as a decision from the heart, Headhunterz believes this is the best move for himself personally and also what makes sense for his career.

Headhunterz states in the video below:

I feel that I live in a scene that we all built from the ground up together. We all deserve credit for that. Not even only the artists, but also the crowd. It’s a small scene where we all need each other. 

Also, for me personally, I feel the need to take that weight off my shoulders — to have the feeling that I have to hold up this position as the number one hard dance act — it doesn’t feel right anymore.

Moving forward, Headhunterz hopes to put the focus on himself, growing his label, and helping other artists along. To him, being named top hard dance act seven times is enough.

Grab tickets to see Headhunterz on tour here.

Headhunterz Quits DJ Mag Top 100

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San Holo x What So Not Debut New Collaboration At ADE

San Holo x What So Not Debut New Collaboration At ADE

San Holo’s label bitbird held their ADE showcase last night with sets from the whole label, including San Holo himself, DROELOE, Duskus, Eastghost, and more. It also included a set from What So Not, as the two have previously collaborated on “If You Only Knew,” from WSN’s 2018 album.

During the show last night, the two came on stage together to premiere a new song for the first time. We’ve known the two were recording a second song since earlier this year, but to finally hear it now is something truly vibrant.

Check out the still untitled collaboration below!

that new San Holo and WhatSoNot played out for the first time last night at ADE

Posted by Alex McAngus on Friday, October 18, 2019


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Google Unveils Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL with Face Unlock & Amazing Photo/Video Features

Google Unveils Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL with Face Unlock & Amazing Photo/Video Features

Google has unveiled the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL — undoubtedly the company’s most powerful smartphone devices to date.

During the Pixel 4 live event today, the details of the upcoming phones were revealed. Although, much of this could be seen coming from a mile away due to several leaks leading up to the launch.

The Pixel 4 and XL models look strikingly similar to the latest iPhone designs from Apple. The features are similar too, including the all-new Face Unlock inspired by Apple’s Face ID technology — but faster.

The most exciting part about the Pixel 4 and XL model has to be the camera and video capabilities. One main camera at 12.2 megapixels, the tele with 16 megapixels, and video with up to 1080p at 30, 60, or 120 fps. A new feature called “Night Sight” captures beautiful photos in the dark. It appears that rather than trying to compete with Apple and Samsung on the wide angle front, Pixel is beefing up their telephoto and night vision capabilities instead.

for preorder today and begin shipping on October 24th. The price tag starts at $799.

Google Pixel 4 Event in 10 Minutes


Source: The Verge

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