Petit Biscuit Unveils Glorious Remix Of Flume's "Rushing Back" with Vera Blue

Petit Biscuit Unveils Glorious Remix Of Flume’s “Rushing Back” with Vera Blue

Flume has been pushing his latest single, “Rushing Back,” hard. After putting out a live video from Red Rocks followed by an acoustic rendition from Vera Blue, he’s just called upon Petit Biscuit for the first official remix. And honestly, who better?

A lot of Vera Blue’s intensity is lost in Petit Biscuit’s remix, but the composition as a whole becomes more widely accessible to casual listeners who might not be used to Flume’s frenetic production style.

Speaking on the new release, 19-year-old Petit Biscuit shared, “Ever since I was 12 years old, Flume has inspired me to innovate in everything I make. He is an artist that is constantly pushing the limits of our genre forward. It’s an honour to be able to bring my signature sound to one of his tracks, lending it somewhat of a dreamy quality.”

Check out the remix of “Rushing Back” below.

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Vera Blue Performs Acoustic Version Of Her Flume Collaboration, “Rushing Back”

Flume’s latest single, after putting out Hi This Is Flume earlier this year, along with a full EP with Reo Cragun, is “Rushing Back” with Vera Blue. The two make an excellent pairing for the song, and they’re pushing it hard everywhere.

Earlier this month, Flume shared a live version of the song performed with Vera at Red Rocks. Now, they’ve stripped it down for an emotionally touching acoustic version performed at Studio 301 in Australia, the longest running and largest professional recording studios in the world.

Suffice it to say, the result is simply stunning. Listen below, and stream the original here.


Photo via Michael Emery Hecker for Westword

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