AHZ releases new single "It's Alive" alongside a can't miss Music Video!

AHZ releases new single “It’s Alive” alongside a can’t miss Music Video!

It’s no secret that October is a month of excitement. Fall is in the air, pumpkin and apple patches are abuzz, and Halloween is most certainly on its way. And while we all look forward to finding the perfect costume to trot out at the craziest parties of the year– we also look forward to a veer in the tone of the music that’s hitting the airwaves. A slightly darker, haunting sound that echoes the change of seasons. And if one track illuminates this vibe to the tee it is the newest single from Brody Jenner’s new band AHZ.

“It’s Alive” released on Friday with a music video that is sure to deliciously delight their fans! The track, which boasts scintillating vocals from lead singer Adam O’Rourke, is truly a journey of sound from top to bottom. It opens with a tantalizing, mysterious melody that quickly ramps up to an epic bass laden drop! Its combination of bolstered bass, distorted and interwoven glitch bites, and masterfully composed hit back to the melody create something that has never been done before. Utilizing their full range of instruments, the track brings in many elements of punk rock, like it’s unrivaled use of rippin’ drums, to set the song apart from anything happening in the Bass scene right now.

The music video uses all of these amazing elements, and seamlessly syncs up to a brilliantly mastered animated video that truly does bring the whole project to life! Created by Colin Lepper, the

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Krewella Hard At Work On New Album Drop New Single, "Ghost"

Krewella Hard At Work On New Album Drop New Single, “Ghost”

Krewella are back to follow up August’s “Mana” with the powerful new single, “Ghost.”

The sisters’ strengths have always lied in songwriting and, as always, this single deals with a complex assortment of topics, an exploration of the fine line between loneliness and empowered independence, seamlessly wavering between cold, anguished and powerful while building towards a propulsive drop.

“A shiver of loneliness, covered by a hard impenetrable outer shell. Or a satisfying aloneness, strongly led by this strength of independence,” Krewella says of the track, which features a vocal sample of their father singing a Pakistani “Raga” chant. “That is the dance this song tiptoes between, and the line between is quite blurry.”

“We always strive to dissect our most inexplicable feelings, and this track lyrically and sonically embodies the notion of how far we’ll go to protect ourselves after catastrophe; how pain transforms us; how comforting it can be to find ourselves alone after the storm has passed,” Krewella continues. “We tapped in our good friend and producer Lucas Rego (Lookas) to lend his touch on this track, who we’ve worked previously with on our song ‘Be There’ and collaboration ‘Alarm.’”

The accompanying music video for “Ghost” toes the line between intimacy and excess as Krewella, donning barbed-wire masks, navigate moments of vulnerability and strobe-fueled exuberance. Watch the video for “Ghost,” directed by Lauren Dunn and Andrew Sandler, below:

Krewella is hard at work on a new album, but in the meantime, the sisters have lent their voices to

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Conan Mac Releases Highly Anticipated Music Video To "All Again" [Video]

Conan Mac Releases Highly Anticipated Music Video To “All Again” [Video]

If there’s someone who was born to be an artist, it’s Conan Mac. At only age 16, Conan Mac’s debut singles, “Remember” & “Dinosaur”, reached the top 15 on the UK iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts. Since, he’s added to this impressive resume by performing hundreds of live performances, including the likes of worldwide University & school performances, BBC Introducing Live, and the O2 Academy.

A few months ago, he released a single “All Again”, produced by Will Rumens, that quickly earned quite a bit of attention both in press and in streams. Following this single, his fans have had quite the anticipation for the music video, which succeeds in every way.

The music video tells the story of recollecting on the summer months and how if given the chance, reliving the picturesque sun-soaked days filled with unforgettable memories. Capturing the beauty of summertime — and an attempt at salvaging the remnants of a lingering romance — the “All Again” music video is a flawless accompaniment to the smash single. 

Watch it below!

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And Now For Something Completely Different: Thys from Noisia Showcases His Experimental Chops in 'Music from Sleeping Beauty Dreams' [Division] [Video]

And Now For Something Completely Different: Thys from Noisia Showcases His Experimental Chops in ‘Music from Sleeping Beauty Dreams’ [Division] [Video]

While we’re all still trying to adapt to this new post-Noisia world, one thing everyone’s been certain about is that it wouldn’t be long before Thys came out with some weird stuff. Enter: Music From Sleeping Beauty Dreams, a new cutting edge “album” of sorts, composed to accompany an equally cutting-edge audiovisual dance show called, unsurprisingly, Sleeping Beauty Dreams.

Now just to clarify, Thys was clearly working on this project long before the announcement of Noisia splitting but everyone know he’s been working on a number of side projects, so this hasn’t been a surreptitious situation. That said, Sleeping Beauty Dreams is entirely its own project and, as Thys himself has said, the resulting album/score was originally composed for the show and its 32 surround sound system. Adapting it for release on digital streaming formats must have been an absolute bitch. It was clearly a labor of love, however, and we’re glad Thys has decided to share it on the Division imprint.

Sleeping Beauty Dreams was created by Magic Reality group, a production company rooted in contemporary dance but using added hyperreal audiovisual elements to its performances to create something otherworldly and to, in their words, “alter the audience’s perception of the physical world.” Right up Thys’s alley. This performance imagines, in stunning visual detail, what Princess Aurora was dreaming about in her 100-year slumber.

Just from watching the performance on YouTube, the visual artistry in this show is one of a kind and completely mindblowing. Seeing it live in

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