Mindscape Changes Name to MNDSCP, Throttles on New 'Hogzilla' EP [Eatbrain]

Mindscape Changes Name to MNDSCP, Throttles on New ‘Hogzilla’ EP [Eatbrain]

For those who have been looking for Mindscape’s new EP Hogzilla under his old monkier, you’ll be happy to know it’s not an error with Beatport. A new streamlined alias with vowels deleted is the only change to the newly minted MNDSCP’s flow, as the style and substance of his music sees no signs of slowing down.

That’s not to say the tracks on Hogzilla aren’t new and different in their own way, however, as a warmer ambient town with crunchier bass sounds characterize this EP. Having proven he’s capable of clean, nuclear precision with his sound design, it seems the Hungarian neuromaster has decided to get a little more funky with his neurofunk this time around. There’s a relaxed groove to the beats here that’s fun, funky and a little bit throwback.

The EP opens with a definite throwback vibe with “Vertigo” and the crunchiest rolling bassline the neuro world has seen in quite a while. It’s a funky roller dotted with cowbells, just like a good neurofunk track should be. The other fun thing is the afore-mentioned bass synths actually sound like the sonic equivalent of vertigo, so hold on to a chair or something before you start headbanging.

“Back Down” with MC Hijak and the title track are both an interesting combination of classic neurofunk sounds and modern techniques. The engineering and compositional work on “Back Down” is definitely tight and precise to modern standards but the bass synth sounds and the addition of Hijak’s vocals allow

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Madeon Reveals Tracklist For "Good Faith"

Madeon Reveals Tracklist For “Good Faith”

Madeon announced yesterday the release date for his sophomore album Good Faith, November 15. With three singles already under his belt, we only have a little over two weeks until we hear the full project. Pre-orders are open now, but the tracklist has also been revealed.

Good Faith will have 10 tracks with a run time of 35 minutes total:

  1. Dream Dream Dream
  2. All My Friends
  3. Be Fine
  4. Nirvana
  5. Mania
  6. Miracle
  7. No Fear No More
  8. HMJB
  9. HWH
  10. Borealis

“HMJB” and “HWH” could be abbreviated, as “BF” and “AMF” also are on the album art. (Seen left, below.) There’s a slight possibility that we might get another single before the album is out, but I also wouldn’t hold my breath. Check it out below, and be sure to catch Madeon on his Good Faith Live tour!

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Facebook & Instagram Ban Sexual Use of Eggplant & Peach Emojis

Facebook & Instagram Ban Sexual Use of Eggplant & Peach Emojis

Facebook and Instagram are cracking down on the use of eggplant and peach emojis — as well as nude photos in which emojis cover “genitalia, butts or female nipples.”

Moving forward, pairing an eggplant or peach emoji with any expression of sexual nature may get you banned. Also, photos with emojis covering private areas may be taken down.

“[Content] will only be removed from Facebook and Instagram if it contains a sexual emoji alongside an implicit or indirect ask for nude imagery, sex or sexual partners, or sex chat conversations,” Instagram revealed to the New York Post.

If you’re outraged about this, you’re not alone. It sounds silly, but taking away our eggplants and peaches is a form of censorship. On the flip side, this is meant to protect social media users, especially young ones. What do you think?

See the updated Facebook Community Standards, which also includes Instagram.


Source: NY Post

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Flume Talks About His New Live Show Freedom & Being Called EDM

One of the biggest comebacks this year — if you can even call it that — is Flume. He resurrected his sound with Hi This Is Flume earlier this year, followed by an EP with Reo Cragun and a fantastic new single, “Rushing Back,” with Vera Blue. He’s also back on the live tour circuit, touching down at Red Rocks, Lollapalooza, and more. If there’s one thing to be happy about this year, it’s him.

The Australian artist recently sat down with Mixmag to talk about his live show, his influences, and the future. Throughout the conversation, they touch on his visuals from Jonathan Zawada, who produced most of the Hi This Is Flume mixtape visualizer, as well as what it might be like if an artist played exactly to what the Spotify algorithm favors most… just as an experiment. If anyone could manipulate sound design to that degree, it would certainly be Flume.

He also talks about the newfound freedom his live show affords him, mentioning that he’d grown tired of “just playing the same songs, standing there, the same moments.”

“I got sick of seeing electronic music artists just standing in one position the entire show twiddling knobs, pressing buttons. I kind of just thought, how about I just go and be entertaining and have some fun up there. I don’t try and pretend I can play every single element of every single song because these are really complicated pieces of music and if

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Apple iOS 13.2 Updates with 398 Brand New Emojis

Apple iOS 13.2 Updates with 398 Brand New Emojis

In case you haven’t noticed, Apple iOS users have been treated to a new wave of emojis! So, it’s time to meet them…

iOS 13.2 includes nearly 400 brand new emojis. If you haven’t explored them all just yet, Emojipedia has them all in one place (see below).

The new emojis are more inclusive than ever before, with interracial couples, gender-neutral characters and people with disabilities. There’s a wide assortment of other new emojis, including colorful shapes, ears, waffles, butter, a service dog, and much, much more.

See below.

iOS 13.2 Emoji Update


via Emojipedia 

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Dimension Unveils Stunning Debut Radio 1 Essential Mix

Dimension has perhaps had the biggest year of anyone in DnB. The hype behind this artist is absolutely unparalleled — after putting out “Desire” with Sub Focus toward the end of 2018, he followed it up with “Devotion” and “If You Want To,” going on to remix the latter himself. He made his live show debut at London’s prestigious Electric Brixton earlier this month, a world-first immersive, multi-sensory dance music experience.

Now, he’s made his debut on the illustrious BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix with two hours of incredible drum & bass. With over 75 tracks in the mix, Dimension takes his time and lets the songs speak for themselves, never mixing out too quickly, but always making sure the flow is moving forward.

Start your week off right with this blistering two-hour mix — listen below!

See tracklist here.


Photo via Sam Neil

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Insomniac Drops Insanely Stacked Lineup for Countdown NYE 2019

Insomniac Drops Insanely Stacked Lineup for Countdown NYE 2019

If you’ve been following Insomniac’s socials lately, you’ve probably been warned that there’s an impending alien invasion. It’s all going down on New Year’s Eve at the NOS Events Center in Southern California as Insomniac rings in 2020 with Countdown. Picking up from last year’s alien invasion theme, this year’s theme will be New Year’s Invasion 2.0. Insomniac also announced the lineup for this year’s event, and it’s, ahem, out of this world.

First and foremost, the name that stands out the most is The Chainsmokers. This marks the first time the smash-hit duo has performed at an Insomniac festival at NOS since Countdown three years ago. Now, with their expanded live set and status as one of the biggest musical acts in the world, this is sure to be a special performance. The rest of the lineup is pretty stacked too with the usual blend of EDM heavy hitters, bass, and house to please all kinds of tastes. Alesso, Porter Robinson (DJ Set), Galantis, Oliver Heldens, Gryffin (DJ Set), Chris Lorenzo and 12th Planet are some of the highlights.

Tickets for Countdown New Year’s Invasion 2.0 go on sale this Wednesday at 10 AM PT. Check out the full lineup and prepare for the alien invasion. Are they here to PLUR or probe? We’ll find out on New Year’s Eve.

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san holo

Why Does EDM Twitter Have (%) In Their Names? San Holo’s % Blessed Explained

It all started back at EDC Las Vegas this past year when San Holo told the crowd to stay vibrant… it was at that point that his fans decided to take it upon themselves and make “vibrant” a thing, but San Holo has now taken it so much further and incorporated it as part of his branding.

Earlier this month, a full stay vibrant page appeared on his website, explaining the ethos behind the phrase and what it means to him and to fans.

It all started with me searching for a word to express a certain feeling.
A feeling that hit me while being surrounded by great energy. The only word that came close to describing this feeling was ‘vibrant’.
For some reason, it captured almost everything I wanted to say and it stuck with me.
Staying vibrant became a part of my mindset.
Of course, not all days are equally vibrant… Embracing the fact that life is all about ups and downs is very important.
Telling people how you feel is not always easy. When I try to express what I really feel, words rarely seem to capture the essence. Most feelings are so much bigger than words could ever describe. Using the percentage % seems like the perfect way to express how I feel without putting it into words.
People have been asking a lot of questions about ‘stay vibrant’, so I put together a little FAQ. I hope this helps you to stay vibrant and keep

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uber lyft pickup lax

LAX Creates Nightmare For Commuters As Lyft/Uber Banned From Curbside Pickup

For years, travelers to Los Angeles via its major international airport LAX could count on getting picked up by ride share services like Lyft and Uber. Ever after the airport made the switch to only allow pickups at the departures level at specific points, it was rarely a hassle except on horrible traffic days. Now, today as of 3 a.m. PST, ride shares are banned from curbside pickup and must go to a separate pick up location. Though the terminal traffic has now been cleared up considerable, from a customer perspective, it was chaos.

LA Times’ Laura Nelson was there in person to scope everything out and assess the growing pains for commuters who just wanted to go home… Read Nelson’s full story on the Times here.

Of course, it should be kept in mind that this is just the first day and the rides will likely smooth out over time. But still, a transition of this magnitude shouldn’t be causing this much friction right from the get go, either.

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Illenium Earns Second-Ever Gold Record For “Good Things Fall Apart” With Jon Bellion

The moment I first heard “Good Things Fall Apart” from Illenium and Jon Bellion, I knew it was destined for greatness. At the time, I thought about its perfect parallels with teenage coming-of-age films, but I suppose a gold record is pretty good, too.

“Good Things Fall Apart” is now the second-ever gold record for Illenium, after “Feel Good,” his collaboration with Gryffin and Daya. It’s actually a little crazy to believe, especially considering his collaboration with The Chainsmokers, “Takeaway,” has triple the streams on Spotify. But hey, streams aren’t everything, right?

“GTFA” was released in May this year, prompting tears from everyone. As it was released just before his performance at EDC Las Vegas, hearing it live at the circuitGROUNDS was easily one of the most emotional moments at the festival, at least for me. To see it getting the proper recognition definitely feels good.

Listen to it once again below, you know… for old time’s sake. Find tickets for Illenium on his Ascend Tour here.


Photo via Rukes.com

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Madeon Reveals Release Date For Sophomore Album, “Good Faith”

Good news! Good Faith, the sophomore album from Madeon, will be released November 15.

The follow up to his 2015 album Adventure, with songs “All My Friends,” “Dream Dream Dream,” and “Be Fine,” will officially drop in two and a half weeks. Madeon made the announcement this after via a video entitled, “A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.”

With imagery and sounds matching the album, as well as some behind the scenes footage of its production, the release date is revealed. Stay tuned for this one!

Catch Madeon on his Good Faith Live tour here.

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