Mysterious Mr X At ADE Rumored To Actually Be Hardwell

Mysterious Mr X At ADE Rumored To Actually Be Hardwell

Amsterdam Dance Event is a gathering of a million possibilities. With hundreds, maybe thousands of industry representatives all intermingling in the Dutch city, collaborations and agreements can spring up out of nowhere and lead to some huge partnerships in the future.

In all the randomness, a rumor has begun that Hardwell secretly played a set during the event. As you might recall, Hardwell announced a break from touring and shows last year. He’s come up for friends’ sets here or there in the time since, but hasn’t been on a lineup in the last 12 months.

Now, a thread on Reddit alleges that the mysterious Mr X, who played Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s ADE event on Friday, could perhaps been the Dutch legend.

Mr X reportedly played a lot of tech house, as he was billed as a warm up set. “Robbert knows his tech-house so that makes it even more likely it’s him,” commented one Redditor.

Your EDM has reached out to representatives of Hardwell for comment, though it’s unlikely they’ll confirm or deny the rumor either way. What do you think — does Mr X resemble Hardwell?

Alleged new Hardwell alias “Mr X” from EDM


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Avicii's Father Talks "Stigma" of Mental Illness & Tim Bergling Foundation [WATCH]

Avicii’s Father Talks “Stigma” of Mental Illness & Tim Bergling Foundation [WATCH]

Avicii‘s father continues to open up about his son’s mental health and hopes to make a change.

This Wednesday, CBS is dedicating most of its morning programming to a special on mental health — Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health.” During which, Avicii’s father Klas Bergling discusses his son’s own struggle with anxiety and how it manifested over the years.

He speaks directly to fans who might be dealing with mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc.): “You have to talk about it. And you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.”

And, he explains the purpose behind the Tim Bergling Foundation: “Trying to get the stigma away from talking about mental illness and suicide. We hope we can be a voice through Tim. Because Tim has so many millions of fans.”

Tim Bergling aka Avicii took his own life on April 20, 2018.

Avicii’s Father On CBS This Morning


Source: CBS News | Photo Credit: Michele Crowe/CBS

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area 51

Area 51 Festival Founder Suing Alienstock Owners Over Branding, PornHub Sponsorship

Even though the Area 51 festival in Rachel, NV happened a month ago, we’re still learning more about the unintentional fallout from this real-life meme event. According to an exclusive report from 13 Investigates, Connie West, owner of the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, filed a lawsuit with Alienstock owner Matty Roberts and his business partner Frank DiMaggio just days after the event.

Under dispute are a litany of issues including trademark infringement, breach of contract, intentional interference, business disparagement, and defamation.

Roberts and DiMaggio released a joint statement on September 10 announcing they were “officially disconnecting” their support and the Alienstock brand from West’s event, which Roberts and DiMaggio had left her to produce under her insistence that she was capable of doing so.

“We will no longer offer our logo, social media, website or Matty Roberts likeness or scheduled appearance,” part of the statement read. “In short, the relationship has ended permanently, and AlienStock will be moving to a safe, clean secure area in Downtown Las Vegas as an alternative.”

Many media publications, Your EDM included, took this to mean AlienStock, at least in its original form, whether correctly or not, had been cancelled.

“We never told them anything was canceled out there, we just said the Alienstock brand and Matty Roberts would not be there,” explained DiMaggio during a Sept. 23 interview with 13 Investigates. The official Alienstock event eventually moved to the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

“It changed [the event] 100%, their campaign started at

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Krewella Hard At Work On New Album Drop New Single, "Ghost"

Krewella Hard At Work On New Album Drop New Single, “Ghost”

Krewella are back to follow up August’s “Mana” with the powerful new single, “Ghost.”

The sisters’ strengths have always lied in songwriting and, as always, this single deals with a complex assortment of topics, an exploration of the fine line between loneliness and empowered independence, seamlessly wavering between cold, anguished and powerful while building towards a propulsive drop.

“A shiver of loneliness, covered by a hard impenetrable outer shell. Or a satisfying aloneness, strongly led by this strength of independence,” Krewella says of the track, which features a vocal sample of their father singing a Pakistani “Raga” chant. “That is the dance this song tiptoes between, and the line between is quite blurry.”

“We always strive to dissect our most inexplicable feelings, and this track lyrically and sonically embodies the notion of how far we’ll go to protect ourselves after catastrophe; how pain transforms us; how comforting it can be to find ourselves alone after the storm has passed,” Krewella continues. “We tapped in our good friend and producer Lucas Rego (Lookas) to lend his touch on this track, who we’ve worked previously with on our song ‘Be There’ and collaboration ‘Alarm.’”

The accompanying music video for “Ghost” toes the line between intimacy and excess as Krewella, donning barbed-wire masks, navigate moments of vulnerability and strobe-fueled exuberance. Watch the video for “Ghost,” directed by Lauren Dunn and Andrew Sandler, below:

Krewella is hard at work on a new album, but in the meantime, the sisters have lent their voices to

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PT-A10 Nerds Trying To Dance Cover Art@3000

Your EDM Premiere: Pedestrian Tactics – Kernel Panic

The US producer formerly known as Corporate – now Pedestrian Tactics – has a new EP out today. He brings to attention Nerds Trying To Dance via the wicked MAD ZOO label, and the computer programming-inspired collection hits a total of four cuts.

Pedestrian Tactics has enjoyed the support of bass artists like Zomboy and Porter Robinson for his quirky electronic beats, and looks to score more points with this release. We’re pleased to present the closing piece ‘Kernel Panic’ today.

It picks up the pace from some of the rest of the EP, and layers in jagged arpeggios and a groovy dubstep breakdown for a satisfying punch. With solid variety and intricate attention to detail at the forefront, we thoroughly recommend checking out he whole of the Nerds Trying To Dance here. 

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Martin Garrix to Soundtrack UEFA EURO 2020

Martin Garrix to Soundtrack UEFA EURO 2020

Coming hot out of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Martin Garrix is gearing up for his biggest project to date.

He’s teaming up with UEFA EURO 2020 to soundtrack the league’s final draw and produce the official song. Over the weekend, the 23-year-old superstar DJ/producer announced his new role while performing a hometown show at ADE.

The song will be revealed in spring 2020 and performed for the first time at the UEFA EURO 2020 opening ceremony at the Olimpico in Rome on June 12, 2020.

“It’s crazy to think that UEFA EURO 2020 will be held across 12 different cities, but it’s the perfect way to celebrate 60 years of this incredible competition. Music is my passion, but I’m also a huge football fan, so it’s extra special for me to be able to create the official song for what will be the biggest EURO in history.” – Martin Garrix

Just yesterday, Garrix ranked No. 2 on DJ Mag‘s 2019 Top 100 DJs list, after coming in at No. 1 for three consecutive years.

See below and get hyped for the UEFA Euro 2020!

Martin Garrix – UEFA EURO 2020

Learn more:


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Mersiv Calls Out DJs Who Brand with "Dark Evil Shit,” Svdden Death & More Respond

Mersiv Calls Out DJs Who Brand with “Dark Evil Shit,” Svdden Death & More Respond

Nothing like some quality Twitter beef for your Sunday…

Svdden Death and more are shutting down Mersiv for comments about DJs who use “satanic symbolism” and “dark evil shit” in their branding.

Of course with Svdden Death, the name and the project has a tendency to be dark leaned. However, as long as visuals/concepts/branding/etc. aren’t hurting anyone — there shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Mersiv doesn’t seem to think so:

“Shoutout to all the DJs that can push their music without branding off of satanic symbolism and dark evil shit,” he says in the tweet below.

Svdden Death has responded:

“cowards are scared of expression. do whatever you want and don’t listen to woke gatekeepers. music and art is about conveying every emotion, not just the ones that make you comfortable. (also I’m sick of the implication that dark = satanic = bad)”

More and more are chiming in. What do you think?

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Sony Announces Groundbreaking 360 Reality Audio

Sony Announces Groundbreaking 360 Reality Audio

The future of music is here — as Sony has announced its groundbreaking 360 Reality Audio. It’s made for music lovers by music lovers and is about to change the game as we know it.

In late Fall, Sony plans to unleash its cutting-edge audio upgrade — which relies on object-based spatial audio technology to take our listening experience to the next level. The result is fully immersive, 360-degree audio, which sounds exactly the way the artist intended.

Upon its launch, 1,000 songs including 100 live concert recordings will be made available by a variety of artists like Mark Ronson, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Charli XCX and Pharrell Williams. Users can expect plenty more music to be added as 360 Reality Audio progresses.

Listeners can experience 360 Reality Audio through most headphones and participating apps. Using Sony’s own headphones and Headphones Connect app will reportedly provide optimum results.

As described by Sony, “Vocals, chorus and instruments [will be tagged with] positional information of distance and angle to suit their creative and artistic purpose.”

Watch below and check out more via 360 Reality Audio’s official website.

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio


Source: Billboard | Photo via

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deadmau5 martin garrix

WATCH: Deadmau5 & Diplo Feature On David Spade’s New Talk Show

David Spade has a new show on Comedy Central called Lights Out, but one thing they’ve been missing is a house band. In the latest episode, Spade shifts his focus from a band to a DJ, and calls upon the talents of deadmau5 to audition for the part.

Spade really hit his stride in comedy long, long ago, and this segment is a particularly strong highlight of that fact. Still, mau5 goes along for the ride while Spade hurls backhanded compliments at him and does his best to stick it out until the end. Though, of course, by the end, he’s had enough and says, “Fuck this. I’m gonna go shit in his hat.”

On another far more recent episode, Diplo was an actual guest on the show when Whitney Cummings pointed out that he and Spade were like a before and after of each other. Thomas Lennon then looks at them both and asks, “Um… working out [motioning toward Diplo]? Or crack [motioning toward Spade]?”


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sad snapchat

STUDY: One In Six Young Drivers Use Snapchat Behind the Wheel

Snapchat and driving don’t mix — but people continue to push it.

According to a new study, one in six young drivers use the popular app behind the wheel. In other words, 16 percent of people confessed to using Snapchat while driving — a number that could be even greater considering some people wouldn’t want to admit the dangerous act.

PhD researcher Verity Truelove said: “The vast majority of these app users (71 percent) said they most commonly used it while stopped at a red light, but three percent said they most commonly used Snapchat while driving at any speed.”

“But the majority of survey respondents (69 percent) said they knew of someone who did send videos or photos of Snapchat while driving,” she said.

Specifically, Queensland drivers are the ones facing these threats, but we can’t help but believe the problem is similar anywhere and everywhere with mobile service.

For the study, QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety-Queensland (CARRS-Q) surveyed 503 Queensland drivers from ages 17 to 25 about Snapchat use on the road.


Source: Tech Xplore

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armin van buuren

Armin van Buuren Releases New Song With Ne-Yo, “Unlove You,” Off Forthcoming Album

A little over a month ago, legend Armin van Buuren announced his seventh studio albumBalance, one of his most expansive and ambitious projects to date with 28 tracks and collaborations with the likes of Conrad Sewell, Cimo Fränke, and more. But without a doubt, one of the collaborations that most caught our attention was “Unlove You” with Ne-Yo.

That single is out today, and already proving different than Armin’s typical fare. Beginning with a sort of ’80s R&B piano melody, it quickly moves into a groovy deep house rhythm with Ne-Yo’s crooning voice. Undeniably catchy, “Unlove You” sees the seminal artists explore the subject of a recognizable post-breakup dilemma in their own unique way.

Armin van Buuren said of the collaboration, “Part of the beauty of having no limitations at all in the studio is that I get to work with the most talented people no matter what ‘genre’ they’re in, and NE-YO is no exception. It’s an honor to have worked together. We both built a legacy in our own respective scenes, and I’m grateful we were able to bridge the gap between them through ‘Unlove You’.”

NE-YO added, “I already loved this song because of its subject matter, as it’s familiar territory. But Armin’s musical interpretation takes it to a whole other level. The energy is contagious!”

Listen to “Unlove You” below and here on all streaming services.

Armin van Buuren feat. Ne-Yo – Unlove You [Lyrics]

Tell me where, tell me where

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