Alexander Lewis Ascends To The Next Level With Red EP [Interview]

After months of teasers and two highly impressive singles, Alexander Lewis is in the race to claim 2019’s trap throne with the release of his highly anticipated six-track Red EP. Already known for his work as an electronic artist, his budding career as a hip-hop producer comes full circle as he merges both aspects of his career to create a distinctly forward-thinking EP that makes your heart beat faster before plunging you deep into the throes of battle, where hip-hop and trap collide. Leading the charge with a massive brass movement that quickly assaults your senses, Lewis builds a captivating escape filled with drama and excitement.

Red EP was a way for me go beyond the typical “trap trombone banger” and a way for me to dig even deeper with live instrumentation and blend it with electronic music. Red (being part 1 of a color series of EPs) is just another part of my musical influences and a way for me to showcase more depth in my music, not only as a producer but a composer and arranger. I wanted to give the listener a glimpse of what’s to come with mixing trap and more live instrumentation and foreshadow something I’ve always dreamed about doing; performing live with a full orchestra. – Alexander Lewis

Gorgeous cinematic highs reign supreme on the first track “Soar,” where his trusty trombone signals an irrefutable call to arms that continues to echo throughout the EP. Slick verses from up and coming rapper … Read More

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Hannah Wants Has Much To Be Excited About The Future [INTERVIEW]

Hannah Wants has built a career out of love, authenticity, and great music – a foundation that very much has been accepted with open arms by her global fan base. But in a constant quest for artistic freedom, this house icon has gone through a number of obstacles. More recently, her battle to physical well being. Undergoing a health scare, the future looked uncertain for a jarring minute; but with enough determination and never-ending support by her side, Hannah is back and better than ever and excited to push her brand, label, and music to newer heights. We’ve caught up with the legend herself to talk about her recent struggles, touring, and all things music!

You’ve overcome a threatening battle with grace and are now better nourished and stronger than ever. What are some of the key lessons you’ve learned in your wellness journey that have had the most positive impact on your wellbeing?

First and foremost to be aware… aware of your lifestyle choices, aware of what you’re putting into your body, aware of your work/life balance. I used to run on 100 and was chronically stressed for years because of the stress and pressure that to be honest I mainly placed on myself because I wanted to be the absolute biggest and best I could be unaware that it was a detriment to my health. What I realized when faced with cancer was that without good health (mind body and soul) I wouldn’t be able to live my Read More

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Prince Fox Fully Embraces His Identity With Debut Mixtape ALL THIS MUSIC, Vol. 1 [INTERVIEW]

Over the past two years, Prince Fox has slowly been rebranding himself as one of the best dance-pop producers on the rise. From his catchy collaborations with Bella Thorne and Quinn XCII to his sentimental solo singles, Prince Fox’s evolution has left a lasting impression on the dance community. Fully embracing his new “pop that knocks” mantra, Prince Fox has delivered his collection in the form of his debut mixtape. The first in a series of mixtapes, ALL THIS MUSIC, Vol. 1 includes his hit singles like “Five Months Later,” “Trust,” and “Come Thru,” along with two brand new songs. We had the chance to talk to Prince Fox about his debut mixtape, redefining pop music, and what’s on the horizon. Check out our exclusive interview and stream Prince Fox’s new ALL THIS MUSIC, Vol. 1 mixtape below.

Run The Trap: Tell me about the mixtape.

Prince Fox: It’s kind of just collecting everything I’ve put out from “Just Call” until now with two new songs. I wanted to put it together because it really encapsulates the moment in time when I was getting out of my major label deal and trying to figure out what I wanted for myself. In that, I realized that all I ever wanted to be able to do was to have a forum to do whatever I want musically and put all these different sounds out and have it still be a Prince Fox record. I felt like early on in my career Read More

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5 Must See Acts At Elements Festival

Elements is days away, and if you aren’t excited already, it’s time you get there. The lineup is stacked, and the activities are going to be insane. 
To get in the spirit of the holiday weekend, we decided to list 5 must see acts this weekend. It’d be too easy to list Disclosure, Fisher, Big Gigantic (all of whom are must see acts) so instead, we’re going to focus on some names you may not have heard of, but deserve just as much recognition. Check it out below! 

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Mosie is a group that I personally have been wanting to write about for a long time now, but haven’t found the opportunity given they are a tad outside of the typical genres we cover. The self-proclaimed “Boston based bratwurst bump” duo is the savory musical collaboration between Boston-based singer/songwriter/producer Jesse LeVines and musician/producer Aidan Brody. Originally, Mosie began as LeVines’ solo project, but eventually the small town Massachusetts local teamed up with Brody to begin cooking their debut studio album, Tangerine (2018). Tangerine was the album of the summer, with their hit track Oh! Frenchy being my first introduction to their tasty beats. Be sure to check them out.


Memba has been a staple on my Spotify for the past few months. I went to their Facebook page because I wasn’t even going to try to classify their music, and I was right in thinking that – they classify themselves as genre agnostic.
Regardless, … Read More

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Bronze Whale Discuss Their Debut Album, Musical Direction + More [INTERVIEW]

Since their storybook meeting in a chat room in 2011, Bronze Whale has been making a name for themselves in their own unique lane of hip-hop inspired melodic music. With their debut album The Shape Of Things, Aaron and Benny have told us they have their direction and are reaching a level of production most aligned with the artistic vision they’ve been planning all along.

We had the opportunity to sit down the Austin-based duo to discuss their album, musical direction, and writing process. Check out our exclusive interview and stream their debut album The Shape Of Things below.

Run The Trap: How did you guys meet? How did Bronze Whale form?

Bronze Whale (Aaron): We met in 2011. We were both part of this forum/chat room called Turntable.FM. Benny had a room there that he ran that got popular, and people would just jump in and play their WIPs. And while that was happening, I was building a studio. Benny was working at Apple so I asked him if I could get a discount on a computer, and he said yes. To give something back, I offered him production lessons, and just we started becoming good friends and writing stuff. Our first track was this drum and bass remix that the world has never seen.

RTT: You’ve historically had what I would call a future/melodic bass sound. What direction are you taking the project moving forward?

BW (Benny): When we started, the big trend was dubstep, but we never Read More

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