Hannah Wants Has Much To Be Excited About The Future [INTERVIEW]


Hannah Wants has built a career out of love, authenticity, and great music – a foundation that very much has been accepted with open arms by her global fan base. But in a constant quest for artistic freedom, this house icon has gone through a number of obstacles. More recently, her battle to physical well being. Undergoing a health scare, the future looked uncertain for a jarring minute; but with enough determination and never-ending support by her side, Hannah is back and better than ever and excited to push her brand, label, and music to newer heights. We’ve caught up with the legend herself to talk about her recent struggles, touring, and all things music!

You’ve overcome a threatening battle with grace and are now better nourished and stronger than ever. What are some of the key lessons you’ve learned in your wellness journey that have had the most positive impact on your wellbeing?

First and foremost to be aware… aware of your lifestyle choices, aware of what you’re putting into your body, aware of your work/life balance. I used to run on 100 and was chronically stressed for years because of the stress and pressure that to be honest I mainly placed on myself because I wanted to be the absolute biggest and best I could be unaware that it was a detriment to my health. What I realized when faced with cancer was that without good health (mind body and soul) I wouldn’t be able to live Read More

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