Half an Orange

Half an Orange – Mostly We Grow

Returning in a big way with their new Mostly We Grow Pt.2 EP, Half An Orange once again proves to be in a league of their own – showcasing their production prowess. They have engineered a masterfully crafted music journey that will leave listeners in awe.

Over the past year, indie-electronic duo Half an Orange has slowly created a universe of their own. While Ohio natives Andrew Spellman and Michael Maloof surely reside with the rest of us on this three-dimensional roller coaster of a planet, as of late they have found a flourishing musical existence among the vast void of cyberspace.

Dropping via Monstercat’s Instinct imprint, the four-track EP delivers their unique style and meaningful songwriting through organic instrumental melodies, breezy soundscapes and positive lyrics.

Half an Orange conclude: “Both parts of Mostly We Grow are about trying to grow as a person each day regardless of what life throws at you. The lowest and highest points of your life mean nothing if you don’t try to learn and grow from them.”

Through unique audio-visual experiences, passionate, vocal-centric production the prolific animated astronauts known as Half An Orange have continued their internet rise. Make sure you give their Mostly We Grow Pt.2 EP a listen below!

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Vaski Continues 2019 Comeback With New Single, "Squad"

Vaski Continues 2019 Comeback With New Single, “Squad”

Vaski took an extended hiatus after 2016, keeping releases to a minimum, but he’s proving he’s still here in 2019 with a batch of new releases. The latest is out last Friday, “Squad.”

You’ll probably notice the drastic shift in sound for Vaski, who used to regularly tour with dubstep acts like J.Rabbit, Excision, Terravita, and more. Bringing a more melodic sound to the forefront, old fans might experience some growing pains, but the quality is clearly there.

As Vaski states himself, “My original way of doing things, or ‘sound’ if you will, got a bit boring, monotonous, and stale to me. What I was originally so inspired by, started to feel like my first job, back when the hours would crawl by as a cashier. For a very long time I kept trying to make music like I did before, and It felt like I couldn’t get there, like I was weighed down, struggling to catch a break. At some point something in me snapped, I felt like a switch flipped. Within a few days I had written five songs, they seriously came out of nowhere, just poured out of me. I feel like I’ve tapped into a different side of myself, something new and very exciting.”

Check out “Squad” from Vaski below!

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Ekali Drops Newest Single, “Back To You” with Kiiara, From Debut Album

The countdown to the debut album from Ekali continues to reach its final conclusion with the release of another new single, “Back To You” featuring Kiiara. This follows previous singles “Runaway” with Reo Cragun and “Be Fine” with Wafia.

“Back To You” is another shimmering single from the Canadian artist, supported by equally luminescent vocals from Kiiara. This tracks feels like it would light up the darkest cavern with beautiful melodies and amazingly positive vibes.

It’s also a true singalong song for Ekali’s fans, calling upon a sort of older Flume-esque synth style while keeping his own unique signature intact.

More information is still to come on Ekali’s debut album, but for now you can listen to “Back To You” below.


Photo via Brandon Artis

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Charlie Crown Drops Explosive Original, 'Loud and Wild'

Charlie Crown Drops Explosive Original, ‘Loud and Wild’

It’s always an exciting moment when you discover a talent for the future or someone really breaking new grounds with their innovative production and diverse musical style. Today is just a moment as we bring the spotlight to Miami based producer, Charlie Crown and his latest banger, ‘Loud and Wild’. This track subliminally lures you in with the rhythmically layered vocals climaxing with an explosive in your face, gritty bass. Composed with elegance and drive, this is definitely an anthem for the live scene and bass heavy playlists. Turn this one loud and remember to get wild.


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PT-A10 Nerds Trying To Dance Cover Art@3000

Your EDM Premiere: Pedestrian Tactics – Kernel Panic

The US producer formerly known as Corporate – now Pedestrian Tactics – has a new EP out today. He brings to attention Nerds Trying To Dance via the wicked MAD ZOO label, and the computer programming-inspired collection hits a total of four cuts.

Pedestrian Tactics has enjoyed the support of bass artists like Zomboy and Porter Robinson for his quirky electronic beats, and looks to score more points with this release. We’re pleased to present the closing piece ‘Kernel Panic’ today.

It picks up the pace from some of the rest of the EP, and layers in jagged arpeggios and a groovy dubstep breakdown for a satisfying punch. With solid variety and intricate attention to detail at the forefront, we thoroughly recommend checking out he whole of the Nerds Trying To Dance here. 

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Madnap & Luma Team Up For New Single "Faces"

Madnap & Luma Team Up For New Single “Faces”

Madnap continues his prolific 2019 with yet another astonishing song, this time teaming up with Luma for “Faces” out now on Thrive Music.

Pushing a more lo-fi, noisy filter atop the sound, “Faces” feels more like a fever dream than the blissful lullaby that the melody might initially suggest. Along with Luma’s voice, the whole project sounds and feels like Alice falling down the rabbit hole — and I’m absolutely here for it.

Check out “Faces” below.


City life
Seeing the world through another’s eyes
Wondering why I can’t get it right
Can I find my way home?

Do they know
I had your love and I let it go
I am the reason I’m so alone
Will I find my way home

Passing by all of these strangers
I don’t even care who they are
When I don’t see you in their faces
I feel the break in my heart

The farther I’m walking without you
With all of these streets getting dark

When I don’t see you in their faces
I feel the break in my heart

I been afraid I don’t wanna dream
Memories taking the best of me
Why aren’t they fading, I want you to fade away

I can’t fall asleep when I’m tired
Constantly I been reminded of you
I been haunted by you

Passing by all of these strangers
I don’t even care who they are
When I don’t see you in their faces
I feel the break in my heart

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