Bronze Whale Discuss Their Debut Album, Musical Direction + More [INTERVIEW]

Since their storybook meeting in a chat room in 2011, Bronze Whale has been making a name for themselves in their own unique lane of hip-hop inspired melodic music. With their debut album The Shape Of Things, Aaron and Benny have told us they have their direction and are reaching a level of production most aligned with the artistic vision they’ve been planning all along.

We had the opportunity to sit down the Austin-based duo to discuss their album, musical direction, and writing process. Check out our exclusive interview and stream their debut album The Shape Of Things below.

Run The Trap: How did you guys meet? How did Bronze Whale form?

Bronze Whale (Aaron): We met in 2011. We were both part of this forum/chat room called Turntable.FM. Benny had a room there that he ran that got popular, and people would just jump in and play their WIPs. And while that was happening, I was building a studio. Benny was working at Apple so I asked him if I could get a discount on a computer, and he said yes. To give something back, I offered him production lessons, and just we started becoming good friends and writing stuff. Our first track was this drum and bass remix that the world has never seen.

RTT: You’ve historically had what I would call a future/melodic bass sound. What direction are you taking the project moving forward?

BW (Benny): When we started, the big trend was dubstep, but we never Read More

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