Prince Fox Fully Embraces His Identity With Debut Mixtape ALL THIS MUSIC, Vol. 1 [INTERVIEW]

Over the past two years, Prince Fox has slowly been rebranding himself as one of the best dance-pop producers on the rise. From his catchy collaborations with Bella Thorne and Quinn XCII to his sentimental solo singles, Prince Fox’s evolution has left a lasting impression on the dance community. Fully embracing his new “pop that knocks” mantra, Prince Fox has delivered his collection in the form of his debut mixtape. The first in a series of mixtapes, ALL THIS MUSIC, Vol. 1 includes his hit singles like “Five Months Later,” “Trust,” and “Come Thru,” along with two brand new songs. We had the chance to talk to Prince Fox about his debut mixtape, redefining pop music, and what’s on the horizon. Check out our exclusive interview and stream Prince Fox’s new ALL THIS MUSIC, Vol. 1 mixtape below.

Run The Trap: Tell me about the mixtape.

Prince Fox: It’s kind of just collecting everything I’ve put out from “Just Call” until now with two new songs. I wanted to put it together because it really encapsulates the moment in time when I was getting out of my major label deal and trying to figure out what I wanted for myself. In that, I realized that all I ever wanted to be able to do was to have a forum to do whatever I want musically and put all these different sounds out and have it still be a Prince Fox record. I felt like early on in my career Read More

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