Elements Music & Arts Festival Delivers An Incredible Memorial Day Experience

This Memorial Day weekend, Elements Music Festival delivered an incredible three-day experience filled with music, dancing, nature, and art.

Elements isn’t just about music; it’s about art with a spiritual focus on the human connection it empowers. Nestled in Lakewood, Pennsylvania, Elements is a wondrous escape from crowded cities and stressful day jobs. Placed in the middle of a summer camp, festival goers are allowed the perfect backdrop of rustic cabins, beachfront views, and wooden escapes.

Musically, Elements hit it out of the park. With a diverse lineup, every stage had its own unique vibe, with relating acts built around a complementary lineup. This year’s top sets came from Fisher,BANYK, Big Gigantic, Disclosure, and Monolink.

Big Gigantic

Fisher threw down an incredible set and was the perfect start of the evening Fire Stage sets. Not to be outmatched, Disclosure immediately followed up with the headline set of the weekend.


BAYNK threw down a vibey set at the Earth Stage, soon to be followed by Big Gigantic blowing the metaphorical roof off with an energized, brass-filled set. Monolink rounded off the weekend with a mesmerizing vocally supported set the at Air Stage. It’s safe to say Elements has our sign of approval.


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‘Elements Music & Arts Festival Delivers An Incredible Memorial Day Experience

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5 Must See Acts At Elements Festival

Elements is days away, and if you aren’t excited already, it’s time you get there. The lineup is stacked, and the activities are going to be insane. 
To get in the spirit of the holiday weekend, we decided to list 5 must see acts this weekend. It’d be too easy to list Disclosure, Fisher, Big Gigantic (all of whom are must see acts) so instead, we’re going to focus on some names you may not have heard of, but deserve just as much recognition. Check it out below! 

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Mosie is a group that I personally have been wanting to write about for a long time now, but haven’t found the opportunity given they are a tad outside of the typical genres we cover. The self-proclaimed “Boston based bratwurst bump” duo is the savory musical collaboration between Boston-based singer/songwriter/producer Jesse LeVines and musician/producer Aidan Brody. Originally, Mosie began as LeVines’ solo project, but eventually the small town Massachusetts local teamed up with Brody to begin cooking their debut studio album, Tangerine (2018). Tangerine was the album of the summer, with their hit track Oh! Frenchy being my first introduction to their tasty beats. Be sure to check them out.


Memba has been a staple on my Spotify for the past few months. I went to their Facebook page because I wasn’t even going to try to classify their music, and I was right in thinking that – they classify themselves as genre agnostic.
Regardless, … Read More

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