Your EDM Premiere: WENZDAY Drops Halloween Party Starter "Disko Dancing" [LISTEN]

Your EDM Premiere: WENZDAY Drops Halloween Party Starter “Disko Dancing” [LISTEN]

One of our go-to favorite producers, WENZDAY just hit us with another driving house record worth screaming over!

She’s been dropping clues all month long, hinting at new music and a Halloween-themed release. Finally, “Disko Dancing” has arrived and it’s the life of the party! Whatever function you’re heading out to tonight, this is the track to get it started.

“Disko Dancing” is a touch sinister, with gripping energy and bone-shaking bass. Squeaky clean sound design and tight percussion pack the punch as the rhythm takes over. Grab your devil horns and hit the dance floor pronto.

This track marks the first off WENZDAY’s Demons Dancing EP, forthcoming on 40oz Cult. Check back here for another premiere soon (hint hint).

If you’re not “Disko Dancing” this Halloween then you’re not doing it right. Listen and link up with WENZDAY below!

WENZDAY – Disko Dancing


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Handsome Habibi

Your EDM Premiere: Handsome Habibi – The Whistle

Insanity Records is today releasing the eye-catching new single from Handsome Habibi. This act is a twin sibling duo, and they have a precise artistic slant to their pumped up dance beats.

As you can see in our premiere below, they put special attention to the accompanying visuals. Directed by Titouan Harel and Clement Chassarey, ‘The Whistle’ is given a whole narrative that takes you on a space-themed voyage. The tune itself is punchy and laced with an engrossing vocal loop, designed to keep your full attention.

The pair shares a little about their vision, saying: “Although born in a futuristic Utopia in outer space, Handsome Habibi identify as human beings. On a recent time-travelling trip in search of their missing sister Mon Amina, they encountered technical problems onboard their space glider that led them to emergency land in London in the year 2019.

Check it out here.

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Charlie Crown Drops Explosive Original, 'Loud and Wild'

Charlie Crown Drops Explosive Original, ‘Loud and Wild’

It’s always an exciting moment when you discover a talent for the future or someone really breaking new grounds with their innovative production and diverse musical style. Today is just a moment as we bring the spotlight to Miami based producer, Charlie Crown and his latest banger, ‘Loud and Wild’. This track subliminally lures you in with the rhythmically layered vocals climaxing with an explosive in your face, gritty bass. Composed with elegance and drive, this is definitely an anthem for the live scene and bass heavy playlists. Turn this one loud and remember to get wild.


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Nostalgix Slaps x3 with New 'OG Sins' EP on Night Bass [LISTEN]

Nostalgix Slaps x3 with New ‘OG Sins’ EP on Night Bass [LISTEN]

Nostalgix is on a roll, continuing her hot streak with a 3-pack EP out now via Night Bass.

OG Sins is all about that low end — with soft, sneak attacks and quirky drops signature of Nostalgix’s lighthearted style. Her crafty sound design shines throughout, as the swiftly rising producer shares her four on the floor heartbeat one track at a time.

“Heist” provides the perhaps hardest hits on the EP, with mind-blowing frequencies, an addictive hook and familiar chants. “Bad For Me” speeds it up just a bit, with gorgeous vocals and wild, squeaky synths. Finally, “OG Sins” takes it home with sick flow, insane percussion, and an overall “ride till we die” mentality, with no shortage of bass.

Listen here and get to know Nostalgix below. We guarantee this won’t be the last time you hear from her.

Nostalgix – OG Sins EP

Connect with Nostalgix

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Ephwurd & DM2 Combine On The Raucous "Activate"

Ephwurd & DM2 Combine On The Raucous “Activate”

Any genre runs the risk of getting stale after long enough, even bass house. But Ephwurd and DM2 have proven with their new song, “Activate,” that there’s still plenty of life left in the genre yet.

Ephwurd is a known variable in the world of bass house, but DM2 is relatively new to the genre, having only put out two tracks before now at all. Yet, the combination of these two is absolutely undeniable — “Activate” is wild fun and also presents a new side to bass house I haven’t seen before.

Starting with a sort of ’80s funk beat on the toms, it switches to the prototypical build/rise before bringing the same new-style drums to the drop. Coupled with the noisy bass synth and chopped vocals, it’s an infectious beat that anyone should fine easy to bounce around to. The two go further by adding some deeper bass elements in the second drop, as well.

Check out “Activate” from Ephwurd & DM2 below!

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