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Once I think of Glenn Frey and The Eagles, I think of their country-rock beginnings, Lodge California, and Life in the Quick Lane. In One Day in a Life, Orchestral, Acoustic Rock, and New Age music collide to create something merely stunning. Like a master Renaissance painter, Invoice has a musical palette of Jazz, Blues, and Rock which he mixes and blends completely on a canvas of his life expertise. Says Wren, “I endeavor to jot down music that strikes the human heart in a optimistic manner.” One Day in a Life presents eleven tracks which might be soothing, smooth and circulation easily. “Heart to Coronary heart” features acoustic piano, guitar, and bass which collide with light percussion and converse directly to the soul. Moody and mellow soundscapes emerge from complex and hovering melodies in “Betrayal” and “Day Break.” Compositions such as “Ocean Breeze” and “Outdated Buddy” reveal refined melodic menageries, with a hint of his influence from the sixties.

February’s Monthly Manager Meetup matter is Exploring alternative income streams”. We will probably be looking at interesting new methods to make money for artist businesses in 2019. The event will embody speakers from mysnapp, manager James Plester, who will talk concerning the YouNow platform and Kickstarter campaigns plus music grant adviser Liza Buddy will talk about funding opportunities, crowdsourcing platforms and partnership funding loans.

There’s a certain world-weariness etched onto his face as he has spent years crisscrossing the globe, visiting and supporting and documenting the church world wide. But … Read More

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